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Is the number of properties "under water" shrinking?

January 12, 2016 | 1 min read

If you interpreted the title of this article figuratively you are, according to the November issue of the magazine of Vereniging Eigen Huis, right, at least in the medium term. If you interpreted the title literally it is possibly a different story. We already highlighted the ideas of Jeremy Rifkin in a previous article. He answers the question of what will happen if the real estate market does not respond to the changing environment. A major change in that environment is climate change.

With a green Christmas and the Paris climate summit in mind, we would like to introduce Higher Tides Realty. This is a real estate consulting firm created to fight the inertia with respect to climate change. The message of Higher Tides is simple: climate change causes rising sea levels and people should therefore be careful when it comes to investments in climate-sensitive and low-lying areas. This is a cynical message with a strong element of truth. Even though Higher Tides Realty is meant as a joke it has already generated a lot of interest among customers looking for a property on new coastal lines and realtors who choose to work in this cynical growth market. Higher Tides Realty does not exist and is intended as a wake-up call. 

Without its dikes, the Netherlands would of course not do very well. Use this tool to find out if your property would literally be under water. The government has also commissioned such a risk map, this tool also takes the Dutch coastal defenses into account. Other risks, such as earthquakes or fires in large buildings, are also reflected in this tool.

Food for thought, and obviously an effective call to action on climate ambitions.
VastgoedLAB wishes you a dry 2016. We hope that both your home and mortgage will remain above water.

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