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CBRE Global Investors newest partner TIAS VastgoedLAB

August 29, 2014 | 2 min read

CBRE Global Investors is to be introduced per 1 September 2014 as the new partner within the vastgoedLAB, the knowledge center of TIAS School for Business and Society. They are to work at the vastgoedLAB on the co-creation and distribution of new real estate knowledge, together with the scientists of TIAS (University of Tilburg) and the sitting partners Amvest, FGH Bank, PGGM and PwC. By bringing in CBRE Global Investors, additional attention will be focused on themes such as risk management and international real estate strategies.

“CBRE Global Investors has a long tradition of research and market intelligence that we use to serve our investors throughout the world. Which is why we intend to work with the vastgoedLAB with much conviction in order to expand our valuable knowledge of real estate together. In a real estate market that is constantly changing, in-depth knowledge and an open mind are a huge advantage”, says Pieter Hendrikse, CEO of CBRE Global Investors EMEA.    

“We are particularly proud that CBRE Global Investors is joining our LAB,” says Prof. dr. Dirk Brounen, founder of the vastgoedLAB. “With CBRE Global Investors, we have strengthened our position with an international player that is known for its eager hunger for factual knowledge. We can strengthen one another in this eagerness. For example, we intend to work together in the years to come in various studies into relevant real estate issues, enabling us to share new insights into investing in real estate via our website and webinars.”

About VastgoedLAB

As a modern Business School, TIAS links pioneering theories to actual practice on a daily basis. The main focus is on co-creation in this respect, both during the lectures that make up part of the educational programs (such as the MRE) as well as in the research of our scientists. Working in strong coalitions is of great value in the rapidly changing market and society. Science can rapidly respond to the changes in actual practice in this way and this practice can benefit from fresh new insights stemming from research. The vastgoedLAB was established three years ago specially for this purpose. A lively platform that focuses on knowledge was established in this way together with Amvest, FGH Bank, PGGM and PwC. By means of research, discussions and on-line webinars, this enriches the real estate market with a new source of relevant insights.

About TIAS School for Business and Society

TIAS is an academically founded business school, affiliated with the Tilburg University and the Technical University of Eindhoven. More than 100 professors are affiliated with the business school. Many of whom are also affiliated with a broad range of organizations/institutions in the business community and various government authorities. They conduct applied research in 9 fields of knowledge in which TIAS wants to excel as a business school: Corporate Governance, Finance, Health, HRM, IT&Operations, Marketing, Public Management, Real Estate and Strategy & Leadership. This applied research makes up the basis of the various training programs. TIAS offers a broad MBA portfolio, (Executive) Masters, master classes and PhD. The business school has Dutch branches in Tilburg and Utrecht. TIAS offers various MBAs in Asia. TIAS attracts approx. 2500 students from 25 countries every year.

About CBRE Global Investors

CBRE Global Investors is a trend-setting, worldwide, real estate asset management company with USD 90.2 billion (per 31 March 2014) in assets under its management. Our organization manages investment programs across the entire risk/return spectrum for investors all around the world.
The CBRE Global Investors EMEA platform, with EUR 25.6 billion of assets under its management per 31 March 2014, is one of the largest and most diversified real estate asset management companies. The platform has 14 offices in 14 countries and manages investments in 17 countries throughout Europe.
We manage various programs in Europe, including Core / Core + and Value-Added strategies via separate accounts and listed and unlisted real estate investment funds in the United Kingdom, Western and Southern Europe, Central-Eastern-Europe and Scandinavia.

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