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Getting your master’s degree is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your career. Are you ready for more interesting tasks, autonomy and authority? The master's programs at TIAS help you to take the next step in your career.

But how to decide where to get your master’s degree and how can you ensure that you will secure the financing you need? On this page we explain why the master’s programs at TIAS School for Business and Society can help you in your career and give you tips on financing and other practical matters.




Personal assistance and support

During your study time, a Program Manager is always ready to help you if you encounter problems. They also provide you with useful tips for a good balance between work, study and your personal life. This personal assistance and support is mentioned as a major advantage for TIAS in evaluations.

Small classes for optimum exchange of knowledge 

At TIAS you get a lot of room and support for personal development. Small classes stimulate interactivity during the lectures and ensure optimum exchange of knowledge. This way we ensure that you can get the most out of your master's degree.

Creating shared value 

At TIAS we teach the leaders of today and tomorrow, new management paradigms. Management paradigms that go beyond short term profit maximization. To be profitable is important; but we should no longer focus on profit maximization only. We integrate the concept of Creating Shared Value into all our research and education. Long-term business strategies, new sustainable business models, stakeholder engagement and innovation play an important role in all our curricula.

A high quality of faculty and lecturers

In addition to extensive experience in education and expertise within their field, our faculty and lecturers always have a solid foundation in the field. As a student at TIAS, you benefit from this. In this way you are not only offered an academic framework within the master's degree program, but also a link is made with the practice so that you can apply your newly acquired knowledge directly into practice.

TIAS courses score high on the rankings

According to the Keuzegids 2022, the master's programs of TIAS School for Business and Society are highly valued by the participants: they are among the best-rated master's programs in the Netherlands with mostly above-average and excellent scores.

Lifelong development

Your development does not stop once you have completed your master's degree. At TIAS we believe in lifelong development and that is why we help our participants to develop further even after completing their education. As alumni you get the opportunity to attend masterclasses and workshops to further broaden your knowledge. There are also regular alumni meetings that offer an excellent opportunity to expand your network.


The master’s program at TIAS School for Business and Society 

You can go to TIAS for a wide variety of accredited part-time master's programs. These masters combine the latest academic insights with a direct link with practice. As a result, you can immediately apply the acquired knowledge in your current position. Wondering if there is a master's program that fits in with your field? You can find our full portfolio here.

TIAS School of Business and Society is based in both Tilburg and Utrecht. The master's programs at TIAS are therefore given either in Tilburg or in Utrecht. In addition, all our (executive) masters can be combined with a full-time job and are accredited by the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization). Have you completed a Master’s program at TIAS? Then you can use the MSc (Master of Science) title.



How to arrange financing?

Getting your master’s degree is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. How can you ensure that you will secure the financing you need? A few possibilities follow below. 

  • Your employer invests in you

Suppose your employer gives you the opportunity to participate in a master’s program. There are two ways to do this: either your employer pays for the entire program or reimburses you for part of it. Training personnel offers employers attractive benefits, making it a wise business investment for them. This investment will also yield an immediate return for your employer because you make better decisions as a result of the knowledge you have acquired.  Your employer can also use the costs of your master’s program as an operating expenses deduction from the company profit.

  • You invest in yourself

Have you decided to invest in yourself and participate in a master’s program, independent of your employer? If so, you can offset part of the tuition fees with a tax deduction. As a private individual, you can deduct these expenses from your income taxes. Taking out a loan can also be a solution. Some banks offer special loans for enrolling in an educational program. 

Do you have questions about financing a master's degree? Please contact our Program Advisers. They can help you to gain insight into the options for arranging financing

An alumnus’ experience

Despite having a busy job and a young family, Boy Sleddering, Business Manager Commucation at Rabobank, was determined to get his master’s degree. And with great success:  Boy always headed to Tilburg with a smile on his face and he managed to complete his master’s degree at TIAS.
However, he will not deny that combining a master's degree with work and his personal life is a challenge. "It wasn't easy," said Sleddering. “But the schedule is clear. You have to reserve one weekend a month, but the other weekends are free. You can plan around it well. "

The choice for TIAS was no accident. Sleddering was looking for a program that is broader than purely financial-economic topics. "The training is about the social impact of what you do. The focus is on the long term. That attitude fits well with my employer. "

And that led to immediate results for Sleddering. During his studies, he was promoted to business manager communication and corporate affairs. "What I learn during the training, I can immediately apply."

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