Alumni Coach / Coachee Program

We know how important personal and professional development are for our alumni. Therefore, we offer within the Life Long Development Packages the possibility of an Orientation Session for Coaching with one of our experienced business coaches.

The orientation session enables you to become acquainted with a coach to determine if he or she is the right person to support you further with additional sessions in your specific needs and interests for personal and/or professional development. The fee for further sessions is agreed upon between the alumnus and coach. After the orientation session, TIAS does not play a role in further coaching.

Please note: If an appointment for an orientation session for coaching is canceled within 24 hours before the scheduled meeting, the right to the orientation session for coaching expires.

Review the descriptions of the coaches below and inform Alumni Relations via which coach you would like to have an Orientation Session. We will then bring you in contact with the coach so you can schedule a meeting.  

Details and Program

The selected coaches are:

     Willy Boerema (Dutch)    

Willy is alumna MMO, erkend coach voor professionals en heeft veel ervaring binnen diverse dienstverlenende en beursgenoteerde organisaties. Kennis, ervaring en drijfveren zijn de verbindende factoren voor jouw ontwikkeling. Staat voor vragen, problemen, uitdagingen helder krijgen en beantwoorden, zodat je jouw talenten optimaal in kunt zetten.

      Philippa Chapman (English, also by Skype) 

Coaching is my passion – and it runs through all activities of my consultancy. The power of coaching lies in the person choosing for themselves how they will change an approach, an action or a behaviour. And, with that shift of control, comes commitment, engagement, motivation – all those magical words that people hope for in their work. Visit her website for more information.

     Angela Gunn  (English)    

Angela is an experienced HRD/OD professional and Executive Coach and Mentor, and in the past 20+ years has coached innumerable leaders, high potentials and fellow professionals through personal and organizational change, development and transformation. 

          Caroline Hamrit  (English / French) (as of 1 January 2017)

A passion for developing leaders led Caroline to become an executive coach. As a global expert in executive coaching and leadership development, Caroline has coached hundreds of international executives, senior managers and high-potentials. Her previous experience consists of working in senior-level international HR positions at Philips, as well as holding several commercial leadership roles at Ericsson, LogicaCMG and Silicon Hive. Caroline holds an MBA from IMD and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from SUPELEC. A French national, she has lived in the Netherlands for more than 10 years. For more information, visit her website.

       Julie Johnson (English / Dutch) (as of 1 January 2017)

Julie is one of the most experienced executive coaches in Europe, specializing in helping leaders achieve higher levels of performance. Her clients describe her style as challenging and candid, yet respectful. She combines logic and intuition to stimulate new thought and perspectives, catalyzing the efforts of individuals and teams to maximize their potential. Julie integrates into her coaching conversations her own passion and curiosity for cultural nuances in communication behavior. For more information, visit her website.

     Jan Kobussen (English / Dutch) (as of 1 January 2017)

Founder and Owner of  Kobussen & Partners Psychologen BV en BehaviorChange BV. Jan is an International Executive MBA (IMM04) alumnus; Clinical Psychologist BIG; Harvard Business School OPM47


  •  Result and solution focused
  • On the edge of strategy and personal qualities development
  • Individual and group formats

       Irma Leijten (English / Dutch)  (as of 1 January 2017)

Irma has a background in Healthcare and personal coaching. Currently she coaches professionals and managers on personal leadership and development at Ergo Optima. She believes that a personal problem or crisis is always a sign that you instinctively already know that something has to change. But for some reason you don’t do it yet. She can help you find out why and how. Visit her website for more information.

     Roemer Visser (English / Dutch)

After nearly 20 years in the United States, Roemer relocated to the Netherlands in 2016 to join the faculty at TIAS and deliver leadership development programs for corporate clients. Trained in the US as a coach, he has significant experience coaching working executives.  His belief is that when high performers get stuck, their thinking is the culprit. So they don’t need solutions; they need a fresh perspective on the problem. Once an issue is re-framed, new possibilities for action present themselves almost automatically.

  MoniekWolter_120120    Moniek Wolters (English / Dutch, also by Skype)

Moniek has a background in Economics (Tilburg University) and Finance (TIAS). For fourteen years, she has worked for the Dutch Ministry of Finance, both as an economist and manager. After careful consideration, she radically changed her career in 2011 and started her own business in coaching. She is passionate about facilitating people’s journey of discovery on who they are and how they want to flourish.Visit her website for more information.

Date and location

January 1, 2020 12:00 AM - December 31, 2020 12:00 AM
José Eijkemans
José Eijkemans
Alumni Manager
+31 13 466 86 42

Date and location

January 1, 2020 12:00 AM - December 31, 2020 12:00 AM