Ing. Stefan Anthony Visser

Ing. Stefan Anthony Visser

Application security specialist


After finishing my Bachelor of science at Inholland University of Applied Sciences I started at Securify as an application security specialist. For my thesis I researched the possibilities of security test automation. I made a proof of concept that’s being used to this day, it scans multiple websites every month to identify potential issues and to keep them secure and protected against the latest threats.


Most of my time at Securify is spent manually researching the security level of applications from different companies and advising them how to improve the security level. This means I visit banks, health care organizations and other companies with high security requirements regularly to perform security tests on their applications.


After finishing my study at Inholland I came back a couple of times to teach students of the third and fourth year about different types of security. I gave a couple of workshops about general security and mobile security with the goal to give the students as much practical experience from the hacking perspective as possible.