Dr. Sander Klous

Dr. Sander Klous

Senior Manager
Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Auditing), Information Technology (IT Infrastructure, IT Innovation, IT Managing Implementation, IT Managing Operations, IT Security, IT Trends), Management & Organisation (Research and Development)


Sander Klous has over 15 years of experience in large scale distributed computing, real-time systems and data processing technologies. He has been responsible for designing, implementing and managing a range of distributed computing services, including systems involving Big Data processing and cloud computing technology.

Sander Klous holds a PhD in High Energy Physics and worked on a number of projects for CERN, world’s largest physics institute in Geneva. He received several grants and awards related to high performance distributed computing and has numerous publications in this area. He is co-author of the Higgs discovery publications of the ATLAS experiment.

He is Big Data Services lead of KPMG in the Netherlands. Since his transition to industry he has been working for large organizations with complex computing infrastructures. Current Big Data engagements of his team include operational strategy, workshops, privacy analysis, sourcing strategy, solution implementation and more.

Sander Klous is publishing regularly about the impact of Big Data on business and society in well known papers and magazines. He is frequently invited as keynote speaker on major events in science and industry. 


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