Dhr. Pierre Hupperts

Dhr. Pierre Hupperts

Partner and Strategy Director


Pierre Hupperts (Gulpen, 1955) is an Utrecht University honours graduate in Sociology and Economics, majoring in Third World issues. He spent 1978 living and working in the slums of Lima, Peru, assisting people in setting up and operating small-size businesses.

Between 1980 and 1993 he worked for the Dutch NGO NOVIB (now: Oxfam Holland), filling a broad range of positions. He was evaluator of development projects, fundraiser and campaign coordinator for all national educational and advocacy campaigns on issues like deforestation of the Amazon and democratization in Latin America (the fights against military governments).

Between 1993 and 1999, as member of the Executive Board of The Body Shop Benelux he was responsible for communication, marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility, and involved in drafting the new worldwide strategy of The Body Shop International.


He chairs the BoP Inc Supervisory Board and is Board Member of the New World Campus.
Pierre Hupperts is partner and strategy director of The Terrace.


With his working experience in both the NGO and the corporate sector Pierre is very active in the field of partnerships and multi stakeholder dialogues. In the Netherlands and abroad. He has a large international working experience, mostly in Latin America (especially Peru and Colombia) where he lived and worked. The last years he is very active in the field of the apparel industry, food sector and mining.

He is chair of the global multi stakeholder Social and Labour Convergence Program (SLCP), that is implementing one assessment system for the apparel industry. This program is supported by 190 brands, retailers, manufacturers, (inter) governmental organizations and civil society organizations. He also chairs the Dutch International CSR Agreement (IMVO Convenant) on Textiles. Government, companies, NGO’s and trade unions develop and implement together a program to make the supply chain in the apparel industry more sustainable, socially and ecologically. And he is also in charge of the International CSR Agreement on Food. He also the lead the negotiations of these two Agreements.

 Next to that in the last 15 years he has worked on developing for companies a CSR strategy and implementing that strategy into the organisation and the market. He is an expert on the international CSR guideline ISO 26000, having implemented that guideline already in more than 20 companies and organisations.

Pierre has set up several innovative sustainable initiatives like a Dutch campaign on climate change (Hier - Here), the IDH (a Dutch initiative to make value chains more sustainable), the Landscape Initiative and the Base of the Pyramid Innovation Centre (BoP Inc). In his role as quarter maker he was able to create a broad support base under different stakeholders (public, private, NGO’s, trade unions) for setting up these initiatives.

Pierre has been involved in many (conflict solving) multi stakeholder dialogues, in the Netherlands but also in Latin America. In the last 15 years he has been involved in many of these dialogues in different roles:

- Developer: setting up the dialogue, bringing parties to the table

- Researcher: doing background research on the issues at stake

- Facilitator:  facilitating dialogues and finding agreement.

 Due to his combined working experience in the NGO and corporate sector he is able to build bridges and is accepted as a knowledgeable and empathic mediator. He has done these dialogues in different sectors like (coal) mining, food (coffee, bananas and wine), cotton, textiles and tropical wood and between different actors (NGO’s, companies, trade unions, government mainly).