Dr. Martin Smits MIM MD

Dr. Martin Smits MIM MD

Associate Professor
Expert areas: Context (Economics, Technology), Health & Education (Business Processes, Health Care Management), Management & Organisation (Decision Making, Information Management, IT Management, Knowledge Management, Operations Management), Quantitative Methods (Operations Research), Strategy & Innovation (Strategic Decision Making)


Martin Smits has a PhD in Medicine (1987, University of Groningen) and Master degrees in Information Management (1989, Washington University, St. Louis, USA) and Management Information Systems (1989, TIAS School for Business and Society). He has fulfilled many positions as manager, researcher, and teacher at the Universities of Groningen, Tilburg, and Rotterdam.

He is currently Associate Professor of Information Systems and Management at Tilburg University and independent consultant for information and business process management. He is member of the CentER for Economic Research in Tilburg, member of Tranzo (the research institute of Tilburg University for Transformation in Health), TILEC (Tilburg research Institute on Law and Economics), and ERISS (European Research Institute on Service Science).


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