Dr. Martijn Rademakers

Dr. Martijn Rademakers

Managing Director
Expert areas: Family Business (Change Management, Strategy and Innovation), Health & Education (Strategy), Management & Organisation (Change Management, Leadership, Organisational Learning, Strategic Management), Strategy & Innovation (Business Strategy, Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Strategy, Strategic Corporate Governance, Strategic Decision Making, Strategic Innovation, Strategic Management)


Martyn is managing director of the Center for Strategy & Leadership, a consultancy based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is also adjunct professor of corporate strategy at Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam.

Martyn’s research is focused on the interplay between strategic management and organizational learning. He is the author of a range of articles and books on this topic. His recent book Corporate Universities: Drivers of the Learning Organization was published by Routledge in 2014. In addition, Martyn has authored articles on inter-firm cooperation (published in Organization Studies) and a range of condensed strategic management cases published in textbooks, and Harvard-style cases with his mentor from Harvard Business School.

His international teaching experience stretches over 20 years, covering both open and customized in-company programs, and MBA modules in the fields of strategy renewal, implementation, and strategic leadership. He is also the advisor of management teams in these fields.

Martyn holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, an MA in Policy and Organization Sciences from Tilburg University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The Hague Polytechnic in the Netherlands.


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