Mark Butterhoff bc RE

Mark Butterhoff bc RE

Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Auditing), Business & Society (Corporate Governance, Global Sourcing), Context (Technology), Finance (Financial Services), Information Technology (COBIT, Data Center Management, Information Security Management, IT Compliance, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure, IT Innovation, IT Managing Implementation, IT Managing Operations, IT Security, IT Trends), Management & Organisation (IT Management), Strategy & Innovation (Information Strategy)


Mark is an experienced IT Auditor, Management Consultant and Program Manager. He has worked 12 years at KPMG in several roles and functions and 3,5 years as Business Partner at Bauhaus ArtITech before starting his own businesses. During this period he worked at and gained experience at about 75 customers in 17 countries. His expertise is mainly focused around IT Restructuring, IT Transformation, IT Performance Improvement, IT infrastructure, Enterprise & IT Architectuur, Datacenters, IT-Management, IT Governance, IT Costs, Information Security, Privacy, IT Audit, Application Development and Maintenance Processes as well as IT Sourcing and Vendor Management.

In April 2017 he started IT Performance Lab and in May 2017 he co-founded i-Inc. IT Performance Lab focusses at improving the performance of IT.
 I-Inc helps IT Management becoming in control over their IT risks.



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