Jurgen Geerlings LLM

Jurgen Geerlings LLM

Expert areas: Business & Society (Strategic Corporate Governance), Family Business (Business Family Dynamics, Business Succession Planning, Consulting, Family Gender Diversity, Family Governance, Family Resource Management, Family Strategy, Ownership Strategy, Parallel Planning, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Transition Management), Finance (Corporate Banking Services, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Estate Planning, Financial Analysis, Financial Engineering, Financial Management, Financial Services, Personal Financial Planning, Private Banking Services, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Wealth Management), Strategy & Innovation (Business Strategy)


Mr. Jurgen Geerlings is partner and co-founder of MESA-FBC, a consultancy and expertise centre for the family business. He is a specialist regarding the planning aspect in family firm change. He focuses specifically on supporting and guiding family business owners with regard to generational changes and how to mutually manage family and business issues together.

After obtaining a bachelors degree in business administration (BBA) and the completion of legal studies in Utrecht (corporate social economic law), he gained extensive experience with the support of family business, first in banking and then as a consultant.

He is developing tools specifically for advising family businesses. His goal is to make professionals of different disciplines more familiar with the dynamics of the family. He has developed several academic training programmes, seminars and workshops and, as an expert in family businesses, contributes to different organisations (including Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Round Table of Bankers and SMEs / European Commission, Directorate Enterprise).

Mr. Geerlings publishes articles in various magazines and writes a column about family businesses in the Dutch daily, Het Financieele Dagblad. He is an active member of various (international) networks of family business consultants. 

Mr. Geerlings publishes articles in various magazines and writes a column about family businesses in the Dutch daily, Het Financieele Dagblad. He is an active member of various (international) networks of family business consultants.


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