Dhr. Herman Hofhuis

Dhr. Herman Hofhuis


Herman Hofhuis is a senior executive with over 30 years of multi-disciplinary and cross cultural working experience with Heineken, one of the leading global beverage companies, headquartered in the Netherlands. With more than thirteen years of experience in Asia and over twenty- five years in Europe, he combines expertise from both regions.

His career started in Human Resources Management and he eventually became Heineken’s Global Head of HR, based at the Corporate HQ in Amsterdam. Herman switched his career from HR Management to General Management in 1997 and became the Managing Director & Country Head for Heineken in Indonesia. In 2002 Herman moved to Singapore and took up the responsibility for Heineken Asia Pacific, a US$ 600 million business, covering all of Heineken’s operations and partnerships in the Asia Pacific region.

Herman has vast experience in diverse areas such as managing operations, leading mergers and acquisitions, structuring business partnerships and crisis management next to organizational transformation and managing across borders. His extensive leadership experience has given him the skills and insights needed to address the specific needs of companies which are in the process of developing, transforming and growing their business. It also gives him the unique position to understand the challenges of executives in managing these processes.

After having reached great personal fulfillment and professional success in ‘corporate life’ Herman decided to capitalize on his wealth of experience by starting his own business in 2006, initially in Singapore and currently in the Netherlands. He is now active as an adviser for senior management and as an executive coach, amongst others with the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre in Fontainebleau and Singapore and the London based Kets de Vries Institute, to help senior executives reach world-class performance.

Herman is a Dutch citizen residing in the Netherlands. He is married with three children. He was educated in The Netherlands and holds a Bachelors degree in Personnel and Organizational Management. Throughout his career he attended business and management programmes at renowned institutions such as INSEAD (France), IMD (Switzerland), the London Business School and Cranfield University (UK). He was professionally trained as an executive coach.