Ms. Els Dees

Ms. Els Dees

Data & Analytics Architect


As a student, I was conviced that smart use of data was going to change the world. That is why I started studying Cognitive Artificial Intelligence after high school. And that indeed turned out to be true!

Since I graduated in AI in 2007, I have always been in a bridge position. Bridging IT and Business, customer and supplier, directors and professionals. Although job titles are subject to change, I always connect people from different disciplines and from different layers of organizations around the themes of data and analytics.

I started my working life at IBM, as a trainee. I turned out to be a really good sales person. After I had done that for a number of years, I missed the intellectual challenge and switched to IBM Consulting. Here I have laid the foundation for my work at UMC Utrecht, where I started working in 2013 after the birth of my eldest daughter. First as project leader and business analyst in the field of data warehousing and ICT for scientific research, then as domain architect for Data and Research.

1.5 years ago, I decided to continue this type of work as an independent consultant. Together with my companion Martine Ros I founded 'The Data Effect'. With our company, we focus on the public sector, with a special focus on healthcare. Data Science and Analytics are powerful in personalizing, optimizing and detecting deviant patterns. That is why they are used intensively to increase profit and growth. We would love it if these powerful techniques could be used for 'the greater good'. We have done assignments for the Dutch Tax Authority, the UMC Utrecht, Parelsnoer Institute and Furore.