Drs. Ed Weenk EngD

Drs. Ed Weenk EngD



Ed Weenk is an experienced lecturer, corporate advisor and workshop and training facilitator. He holds a degree in Business Studies from the Erasmus University / Rotterdam School of Management (1995) and a Doctor in Engineering EngD degree in SCM from the Eindhoven University of Technology (1997). Ed has extensive practical experience since the mid-1990s in managing international logistics and distribution projects at strategic and operational level and has lived and worked in Barcelona, Spain, for 14 years.

He is a strong believer in the principles of experiential learning and he collaborates as a Senior Associate Professor with a number of Top-100 business schools in Europe and beyond in the areas of sustainable operations and supply chain management, circular economy, innovation, project management, intra- and entrepreneurship & business modelling.

Ed is the author of three books: "The Perfect Pass: what the manager can learn from the football trainer" (2012), “Mastering the Supply Chain. Principles, practice and real-life applications” (2019) and “Mastering the Circular Economy. A practical approach to the circular business model transformation” (2021).