Dennis Boersen

Dennis Boersen



Currently working for several of my clients in the field of IT Risk and Auditing. For example, I was the Concern Information Security Officer (CISO) within the Friesland Zorgverzekeraar in Leeuwarden, where I was responsible for the information security policy. Within this position I was mainly concerned with Data Governance (project manager), Migration from FBTO to Zilveren Kruis and all related matters related to the management of the ICT environment within the Friesland Zorgverzekeraar.

Until May 1, 2017 I was Audit Manager at Achmea, from 2012-2017 for the Non-life & Income division, responsible for the implementation of the Audit Plan. From 2016 onwards I also coordinated the audits on the Non-life & Income, IT and International division. I do this in my own way, with an eye for the interests of the various stakeholders, but factual and proactive. I have an open way of communicating at all levels within the organization. Both to the team members and to the Auditee. Because of this role I have broadened myself enormously compared to the IT Audit profession, which has proven to be a good foundation for me.

Within Audit I was the point of contact in the field of data analysis, where we increasingly substantiate our findings on the basis of data, this is factual and clear and a must to continue in a data processing organization. I have also published various articles about Data Analysis and its use in recent years. Contributed to articles in the field of Risk management and keeping a sourcing project in control by applying Carnegie Mellon's eSCM-CL model.

Personally, I have also developed further in recent years through my role as financially responsible person in various boards.

I am happy to use my broad work experience in the field of (risk) management, ICT and projects to contribute to better control in a dynamic time!
Key words are communicative, connecting, personally interested, team player, honest, positive critical, loyal, creative, pragmatic, sense of humor, solution-oriented, stress-resistant, positive and fast.