Prof.dr. Christoph van der Elst

Prof.dr. Christoph van der Elst

Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Auditing, Internal Control), Business & Society (Corporate Governance), Context (Law), Finance (Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Risk Management), Management & Organisation (Corporate Governance, Risk Management)


Christoph Van der Elst is professor of Business Law and Economics at the Department of Business Law, Tilburg University and at the Faculty of Law, Ghent University (Belgium). At these universities he lectures different courses related to corporate governance, economic analysis of corporate law, commercial contracts and business law. He is a member of the Belgian Bar (Cottyn). He is/was a visiting professor at the European College (Brugge), University of Torino (CLEI), AMS (Antwerp) and IDC (Tel Aviv) and lectured at Utrecht University. He holds both a master in law and a master in economics and has a PhD in economics (Gent University). He is a member of the disciplinary court for the Belgian registered auditors (since 2007) as well as the chairman of the professional examination commission of registered auditors (since 2009). Previously he was senior scientific advisor of the Belgian supervisory agency of the accounting and audit professions (2000-2005), advised the European Parliament and the European Commission and acted as expert for the Belgian Minister of Economic Affairs, the Permanent Representative of Belgium to the European Union and the Belgian Institute of Auditors.


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