Drs. Camiel Selker

Drs. Camiel Selker

Expert areas: Management & Organisation (Corporate Governance)


Camiel is a partner of PwC, works in the business unit People & Organisation that focuses on the effective deployment of people in organizations. He is advisor to the Boards of a wide variety of organizations, mostly multinationals, listed and non-listed. His primary focus is to support Boards in their role as employer.

After his studies of Law & Economics in Utrecht and Cambridge, Camiel joined Towers Perrin. He held positions in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands for this organisation. He became Managing Partner for The Netherlands in 2008. After leaving Towers Watson, he founded Focus Orange in 2011 with the belief that companies can improve the effectiveness of their investment in their people by using advanced and innovative analytical techniques. After successfully running the company for 10 years, it was acquired by PwC.

In addition to his position at PwC, Camiel is chairman of the board of Stichting Move and USV Hercules 1882 and active as a volunteer en actief als vrijwilliger voor de Dutch Rowing Association. He publishes regularly and in 2015, he wrote a book on executive compensation with his colleague Hein Haenen (‘Bovenbazen en de scheefgroei van hun beloning’). Camiel lectures at TIAS Business School and a number of board education programs. He is married, has three sons and tries to spend as much time as possible with his family, while maintaining his hobbies as cyclist, mountaineer and skier.