Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel

Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel



Assisting organizations in getting the best out of their people, coaching people to get the best out of themselves - that, in short, is what Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel excels at. ‘My passion lies in translating scientific insights into the practice of coaching people, teams, and organizations. This to make your learning and performance more effective, more sustainable, and more fun!’.

‘When environments are constantly changing, we all have to anticipate changing conditions, adjusting to elements over which we have no control. Agility requires steep learning curves, especially during the race; handling your ineffective patterns, realizing your potential, getting the best out of yourself and the best out of each other. It makes great demands upon everybody’s leadership. And calls for a compass to sail on. In that perspective the daily practices of businesses and big boat ocean sailing turn out much the same; in a VUCA world it is all about learning and growing instead of ego and knowing’.

Anje-Marijcke is a licensed organizational psychologist NIP and a Certified Professional Coach. She holds a master's degree in psychology (1992, Tilburg University, cum laude). Anje-Marijcke works with global corporates and smaller national companies as a lead partner on leadership and team development. She is committed 24/7 to support leaders transforming their business and relationships, growing their positive impact and performance. Anje-Marijcke coaches executives (senior management/board level), and designs and delivers customized approaches to grow high-performance business (boardroom/management) teams and sports teams. Now and then she works with young leaders growing their gravitas, their leadership vision and effectiveness in leading their teams.  

Anje-Marijcke is a sought-after global keynote speaker on leadership & team development at summits and conferences and in Professional Masters. She predominantly works in the international business community and occasionally in sports teams. In big boat ocean sailing, she earned her stripes as team coach at Team Brunel in The Volvo Ocean Race. In 2023 her 11th Hour Racing Team won The Ocean Race.

During her studies at Tilburg University Anje-Marijcke worked as a study advisor/counselor at her university. After 4 years coaching change and restructuring projects at a Dutch consultancy firm, she joined Schouten & Nelissen (a leading consultancy and training firm). For 5 years she worked as senior consultant and trainer, in leadership training, individual coaching and change projects. Subsequently she was a manager at the Leadership & Management Department. As senior Global Director, for 14 years, she led the global Coaching Department (people, product, sales). As a thought leader she worked with global clients, building their coach pools, certifying coaches, designing global programs, and coaching leaders. Since 2016 Anje-Marijcke works from her own company.


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