Mw. Angelique Weel MD, PhD

Mw. Angelique Weel MD, PhD

Reumatoloog, Medisch manager


Dr. Angelique Weel (1967) is a rheumatologist at, head of the department of rheumatology and vice chairman of the medical board of the Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam. She obtained a MSc in Clinical Epidemiology (1998), a PhD in Internal Medicine (2001) and finished her traineeship in Rheumatology (2006) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Dr. Weel is also affiliated with the department of Rheumatology at the Erasmus Medical Centre where she fulfills the tasks of an associate professor. She has been involved in supervising 7 PhD thesis of which 4 have been completed.

Her management capacities focus on the tasks as head of the department of rheumatology (50 employees) which she fulfills since 2008. Since then the care for rheumatology patients has been expanded from one hospital to 4 hospitals comprising a care region over 600.000 individuals. Since 2011 the MZ provides in collaboration with the Erasmus MC traineeships for rheumatology. As the vice-chairman of the medical board (2014) she also has the portfolios strategy, research, value based health care and integrated care.

Her research focuses on the effect of innovative management strategies for welfare of patients with rheumatic diseases. Her work has covered topics like optimal management and treatment strategies, the development, valuation and implementation of clinical referral rules for patients with joint complaints in primary care, evaluation of cost-effectiveness of expensive drugs in rheumatology. In addition, she has performed work on the link between evidence based practice and daily care by being a member of several guideline committees (NVR, NHG). Angelique is a member of the International Consortium of Outcome Measure (ICHOM) of inflammatory arthritis that will develop the international standard set for inflammatory arthritis (2017). She has published extensively on these topics with international publications in peer reviewed journals like Arthritis and rheumatology, Annals of rheumatology, Crohns and collitis, and PLoS Medicine.