Master in Finance MIF

  • Reap immediate rewards by practically applying what you learn in the classroom directly to your company landscape
  • Develop a broad perspective and a strong foundation in the specific principles and practices of financial management
  • Become adept at integrating strategic thinking with sound financial analysis
  • Significantly improve your career standing with fast-track lanes to greater professional performance and all round managerial potential
  • Location is our brand new, very modern educational location in the center of Utrecht 
  • Benefit from a flexible learning program to suit your timetable requirements
  • 120 NBA PE-hours for accountants and controllers.

Our increasingly complex society with rapidly changing business processes is making ever stronger demands on (financial) managers and consultants, bankers and lawyers. As a financial professional you weigh up the strategic gains, recognizing the risks that are taken by all stakeholders in the decision making process.

Our Master in Finance program provides you with broad financial expertise and knowledge. It will help you acquire the analytical tools and skills needed to make sound financial judgments. Become a financial heavyweight, strategically adept at plotting a sustainable, socially responsible course for a healthy and prosperous company future.

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Location and start date
September 28, 2017
Duration 14 months
Study load 10-15 hours / week
Fees € 31,000
120 NBA PE-hours
Accreditations MSc

Socially driven changes to today’s financial landscape come fast and with considerable impact. Staying ahead of these changes and finding new ways to effectively and responsibly govern is challenging. As a financial professional you require outstanding analytical judgment and strategic agility in order to make sound decisions. Developing a solid base in these areas is essential in becoming an indispensible asset to the future of your organization.

Our Executive Master in Finance degree program takes you beyond the boundaries of contextual thinking. It lets you experience first-hand the gains and opportunities of being able to build a sustainable financial strategy. Profit from the latest tools of the trade, trends analyses and proven-best approaches, fresh from the world’s top research institutes and think tanks. Refine your financial expertise with fresh insights and formulate solid financial strategies that can withstand even the most volatile financial climates.

Program Aims

The depth and scope of the program allows you to:

  • make sound financial analyses of companies and projects
  • understand how to create value in companies and projects
  • analyze, quantify and manage financial risks
  • use and price financial instruments such as options, futures, and swap contracts
  • evaluate the risk and return characteristics of investment portfolios
  • understand legal and governance issues in the financial management of corporations
  • understand and manage the relationship between the corporation, financial institutions and financial markets
  • benefit your organization by researching a company specific thesis topic and immediately applying your acquired expertise to day-to-day situations.

End Result: Master’s Degree

Upon successful completion you will receive the degree title Master in Finance (MIF). As this program is an accredited NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization) degree, you may also use the internationally recognized MSc title instead.


Our program is designed for managers and consultants who aspire to top financial positions in corporations, or general management and consulting across the financial sector. Participants typically have a university or higher vocational education (or equivalent) degree and several years of work experience. You will be joining a diverse, challenging and highly motivated group of professionals. On average participants are around 38, from a range of professional backgrounds and have roughly 13 years of work experience.


The Executive Master in Finance comprises 10 modules that are taught over a 14-month period, including the summer break. Courses exist of a pre-session period (three weeks) during which students prepare themselves via online learning, followed by a three-day in-class session.  The program starts with a preparation module and is concluded with a final, individual thesis dealing with a current, finance-related issue taken from your dayto-day work.

Preparation module
Quantitative Tools & Principles of Business Valuation
Financial Reporting & Analysis
Strategy & Innovation
Quantitative Tools for Financial Management
Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring 
Financial Markets
International Risk Management
Topics in Investment Analysis
Advanced Corporate Finance 
Entrepreneurial Finance 
Thesis/ Company Project

Benefit from our flexible learning approach. You can spread your MIF out over longer than the outlined 14-month period, or simply opt to take modules that are relevant without taking the full degree program.

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Successful enrolment in our Executive Master in Finance is subject to a number of admission requirements. This is to maintain admissions quality. That way you can benefit from a high potential, motivated group of talented individuals to further enhance your learning experience.


  • minimum of 5 years relevant work experience
  • proficiency in English
  • a relevant university degree or a relevant higher vocational degree (hbo)
  • successful completion of the required components of the preparation module

Our participants have varying educational experience and it is of great importance that all participants starting the Master’s program do so from a similar level of knowledge and skills. You must therefore successfully complete the preparation module to proceed with the Master’s program. 

Admission requirements

Upon receipt of your application our Program Adviser will contact you to arrange an interview. Your interview will take place with the Academic Director.

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At TIAS School for Business and Society, we have a vast network of faculty to draw upon. These are some of the brightest minds in finance today – luminaries in their fields whose names are known in universities and research centres around the world.

Faculty members on the Executive Master in Finance are outstanding academics connected to, and actively advancing, the latest financial and management knowledge. Many have substantial consulting or professional experience. It’s their expertise that ensures our finance masters' curriculum, content, and delivery is on par with the best in the world.

Academic Director

Frans de Roon
Frans de Roon
Full Professor
Frans de Roon is a recognized researcher in investment analysis. He holds a PhD from Tilburg University (1997) on portfolio choice and asset pricing, for which he received the SNS Bank best-thesis...


Herbert Hamers
Herbert Hamers
Full Professor
Professor Hamers graduated with a degree in mathematics form the University of Nijmegen and completed his PhD at Tilburg University. Currently he is Professor of Game Theory and Operations Research at the Department of Econometrics and Operations Research of Tilburg...
Luc Renneboog
Luc Renneboog
Full Professor
Luc Renneboog is Professor of Corporate Finance at Tilburg University, and a research fellow at the CentER for Economic Research and the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI, Brussels). He held appointments at the University of Leuven and Oxford University, and visiting appointments at London Business School, European University...
Philip Joos
Philip Joos
Full Professor
Prof.dr. Philip Joos is professor of accounting as well as Vice Dean at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and is part of the TIAS Finance LAB. He studied business economics at the University of Ghent, obtained his Master of Science in Finance from the Vlerick School of Management, a Master in Statistics and PhD in Business...

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The Executive Master in Finance provides you the latest theories, techniques and skills. You also obtain an extensive professional network. Therefore participants and alumni believe the program has been of great value.

  • Steven Clausing
    Head of Risk Management BinckBank N.V.

    "Having worked in the banking industry for a number of years, I already had considerable knowledge of the financial Industry and financial products. However, I wanted to deepen and broaden my expertise to prepare myself for the next step in my career. The Executive Master in Finance program significantly increased my financial expertise in the broadest sense. The lectures, given by very good teachers, in combination with the in-class discussions, books and cases from the best universities supported me to achieve my goals. It was an intense program, but the effort has been worthwhile."

  • Linde Penn
    Head of FSC Veghel, DHL Finance Services B.V.

    "The Executive Master in Finance exceeded my expectations of broadening my view by enabling me to gain more theoretical knowledge of financial decision making. The insight you get from the in class lectures, break out sessions and the interesting different views and experiences from fellow students, adds a tremendous value to the theoretical part of the program.
    My main take-away from this program is that there are many theories on which financial decision making is based, but the essence is to understand not only the methods but also the underlying motivation, assumptions and information used for decision making. Which is fully in line with the slogan never stop asking!
    I am sure that having done this this program supports me in making more sustainable business decisions and helps me in analyzing and understanding the decisions of others.
    Finalizing the studies next to my job, mastering more complex financial cases gave me a lot of confidence, a massive level of new energy and a reason to be proud of myself."

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Total program price € 31,000.

The MiF course includes:

  • All study books
  • All reading materials
  • Access to the Virtual Campus
  • Alumni site access where you can browse specialist webinars and must-read articles

Additional costs

This course is exempt from VAT.

Persuade your employer with convincing company benefits

  • A professional within the organization capable of harnessing the latest developments in finance.
  • A broad perspective and a strong foundation in the specific principles and practices of financial management.
  • Integrate strategic thinking with sound financial analysis.
  • Immediate profit from papers you will write on actual topics within your organization.
  • Your company gains the latest insights and knowledge.
  • Renowned lecturers. Our faculty comprises leading experts and known scholars, who are active researchers and publish their work: Tias School of Business and
  • Society is a university-based educational institute.
  • Company project assistance from seasoned tutors. Active collaboration on solutions for company specific models and situations.
  • Recognized business school: praised by the Financial Times as the best educational facility for Open Executive programs in The Netherlands.

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Sandy van der Smissen
Sandy van der Smissen
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 39 56

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