TIAS privacy statement

TIAS processes your personal data with care. This privacy statement shows how TIAS processes personal data for website visitors, (prospective) participants, alumni, and faculty members. For each of these categories, this page tells you which categories of personal data we process, and for what purpose. We also inform you of your data privacy rights and responsibilities.

You can send question or privacy requests to:
TIAS Business School B.V.
Warandelaan 2, T building
5037 AB Tilburg
+31 13 466 86 00

Jorden Bailey
Data Privacy Officer

Website visitors

When you visit the website, TIAS places cookies on your device. These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. Optionally, you can allow additional cookies that enable additional functionality. For more information, including how long cookies remain on your device, please read our cookie statement.

Prospective participants

When you demonstrate interest in a TIAS program, TIAS uses your contact information (e.g. name, e-mail address, phone number, social media handles) to communicate with you. You can subscribe to newsletters, apply for tailored advice, or register for an event.

As your orientation progresses, we use your employment and education history (from your resume or LinkedIn) to help you choose the right program for you. Of course we also keep record of our correspondence with you.

When you indicate that you are no longer interested in receiving information from us, we stop using your information to contact you. Within one year, we delete your information.


When you register for a program, we may need more personal data. How much data we need, depends on the program. For all programs, we use you contact information, date of birth, your acceptance letter and invoicing information. Accredited programs have a legal requirement to collect additional data (e.g. government ID). Depending on program entry requirements we may also collect copies of past degrees/transcripts, test results (e.g. IELTS, SHL) and intake meeting notes.

TIAS retains this application file up to 2 years after the end of your program, or 1 month after the decision that you are not going to enroll in the program.

As you participate in a program, we use your contact information, date of birth (and possibly passport information) in our administration. We often use learning outcomes (papers, tests) and education results to help you learn. With your consent, we may also use photo and video material (assignments, graduation pictures) as part of the program. Some programs include coaching and personality tests. Finally, where necessary we record diet restrictions or visa information.

TIAS retains your student file up to 7 years after the end of your program.


TIAS firmly believes that learning does not end with a certificate or degree. TIAS alumni are kept up to date via newsletters and events, and can keep connected with each other on the TIAS Connect alumni platform. We use your contact information (e-mail address, LinkedIn) for this. TIAS retains your information as long as you want to remain part of the TIAS alumni community.

Next to (and separate from) these community activities, TIAS retains a registry of its alumni. This registry contains the name, date of birth, cohort, degree, diploma, and transcript of all TIAS alumni. By law we are required to retain this information for 30 years after you have received your degree.

External faculty members

In addition to our core team of faculty, TIAS employs industry experts, to provide our participants with a broad, practical view on what they are learning. For external faculty, we process contract and invoice data, as well as student evaluations. These data are retained for 7 years.

How, who, what, where?

TIAS uses external systems for customer relations management, the online learning environment, and our alumni platform. We also make extensive use of Tilburg University IT systems. We communicate with our suppliers using secured channels, and have included data processing agreements in our contracts with suppliers and customers. Employees, faculty (both core and external), and coaches sign a confidentiality agreement that goes beyond data privacy. TIAS stores most data inside the European Union. Sometimes that is not possible (plagiarism checking requires a global database), or the supplier for TIAS does not host its data in the European Union yet (accepted with additional safeguards).

Rights and responsibilities

You have the right to know which personal data TIAS holds for you. We like to keep your data up to date, so we encourage you to submit corrections and updates. When we no longer need to process your data, you can ask us to delete them. You also have the right to restrict our processing of your data, to request a transferable data set, and to request a review automated processing. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office provides a good overview of these rights.

You can submit a privacy-related request to your TIAS contact person (program adviser, program manager, alumni office, faculty office) or via an e-mail to privacy@tias.edu.