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Opportunities in combating carbon emissions

November 19, 2011 | 1 min read

Shah explains the type of opportunities the Carbon War Room looks for: “We try to find areas where the technology really isn’t the problem, where (technologies) are mature for the banking community, where policies are quite friendly and still capital is not flowing.” In the video Shah elaborates on how the Carbon War Room actually makes use of those opportunities.


The cleantech sector is doing well and will continue to grow with double digits, according to Shah. In other technologies, there’s more room for improvement, he says: “Shipping, aviation, renewable fuels, energy efficiency in buildings. We focus on wrapping up those categories.” Shah describes himself as bullish and based on the research and data of the Carbon War Room, he estimates this market can grow from the current 240 million to a trillion dollars a year. In the video Shah invites the financial community to invest: “I have good news. A lot of good stuff is coming.”

The Carbon War Room is a non profit organization which deploys private equity to reduce carbon emissions. The organization works with existing technologies, under existing policy to remove market barriers.

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Jigar Shah was interviewed after a lecture on renewable energy finance at Duisenberg school of finance. Shah is a member of the Finance & Sustainability Advisory Board at Duisenberg school of finance. 

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