Executive Management Team

The daily leadership of TIAS School for Business and Society is in the hands of the Executive Management Team:

  • Jenke ter Horst, Dean & Director
  • Kiki Rosman, Director of Business Operations

Jenke ter Horst

Jenke ter Horst, Vice Dean TIAS

Prof. dr. Jenke ter Horst is the Dean & Director of TIAS School for Business & Society. He is responsible for providing leadership to management in defining the strategic course, the daily activities and the performance of TIAS.

Jenke is a professor of Finance. In the past, his research has focused primarily on portfolio management and he has published on Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund performance. In recent years, he has largely focused his research activities on socially responsible investing.

Jenke ter Horst: 'TIAS’ ambition is to become the European "go-to school" in the field of business transformation that serves society. A wonderful and exciting challenge, which I am happy to commit to.'

Kiki Rosman

Kiki Rosman

Drs. Kiki Rosman is Director of Business Operations at TIAS. As a member of the Executive Management Team, her focus is on marketing, sales, executive programs and InCompany programs

Kiki studied Policy and Management (post-graduate marketing specialization) at the Maastricht University. She has worked for over 20 years in various roles in the field of Marketing, Sales, Leadership & Talent Development and Business Management. She has gained this experience with both national and international organizations. At TIAS School for Business and Society, her passion for the development of people, teams and organizations fits in perfectly with her entrepreneurship and her focus on results. Moreover, she employs her track record in the field of innovation and transformation to realize the ambitions of TIAS and its customers.