Mw.dr. Daniëlle Verschuren

Mw.dr. Daniëlle Verschuren

Associate Professor
Expert areas: Context (Sociology), Family Business (Change Management, Consulting, Transition Management), Health & Education (Education Management, Innovation, Strategy), Management & Organisation (Change Management, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Human Resource Management)


Danielle Verschuren finished a teacher training in Social Studies and Social Skills. After that she graduated in Organizational anthropology at VU University. She taught social studies in Intermediate Vocational Education and communication skilss in Higher Education. In addition she managed a department. After her graduation at VU University she started a career als consultant in the field of banking and insurance. 

From 2002-2015 Danielle worked at KPCgroep, an consultancy organisation specialised in research and consultancy in high level complexity strategic problems and bonding issues in education. She spent her time in the past 13 years on research and advise commands in the field of strategic policy advice and management development. In addition she did the coaching of many leaders in education and in the public domain.

In 2013 she finished her PhD at Tilburg University. Her research subject concerned the ‘secret of succesfull innovative school leadership’, within which the focus on the leaders’ internal processes.