Executive MBA

  • Career shaping, grow beyond your current specialist role into a managerial function
  • A flexible monthly learning format developed especially to suit your lifestyle and working commitments
  • Learn and work, benefit personally and professionally by practically applying what you learn within your organization
  • Significantly advance your career prospects with our tailored Personal Leadership Program (PLP)
  • Discover the bigger picture, business influence and the societal impact of responsible leadership

Organizational environments are changing. More and more we are looking towards capable leaders, whose judgment is sound and who provide out of the ordinary insights. Exceptional decisions are made by taking the interests of multiple stakeholders across multiple scenarios into consideration. Aligning your career ambitions with this broader awareness is the next step in becoming a rounded, responsible business leader.

Our Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) places a deep emphasis on enhancing your career. This 2-year degree course is designed to suit your needs when balancing work and study. Targeting key areas, it encompasses academic, personal and societal development. An all-round approach, aimed at making you an accomplished leader both professionally and socially.

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Location and start date
September 18, 2017
Duration 24 months
Study load 12-18 hours per week
Fees € 44,500
Accreditations MBA

Consciously aware business leaders, who confidently bring about positive change are a sign of the times. There is no small degree of trust involved. In your managerial ambitions to further succeed professionally, you are obliged to look outward and understand that an organization, whether public or private, is part of a wider world. The program includes two international modules.

Our Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is an all-round leadership program. You will develop your professional competencies and strengthen your personal capabilities as well. The course has been put together so as to suit your working requirements. Benefit further with our Personal Leadership Program (PLP) too. The PLP runs alongside our 15-module degree program and is pivotal in achieving your career aims.

When balancing a career and study with the aim to maximize your potential, our EMBA is a solid stepping stone to greater success.

Program Aims

The depth and scope of the program allows you to:
  • understand and effectively manage functional areas of business
  • gain perspective on the dynamics between organizations and stakeholders
  • develop personal abilities to lead others and drive organizational change
  • benefit from the latest business research and strategic insights
  • get further societal understanding for balanced judgments and superior decisions
  • excel with a Personal Leadership Program (PLP), geared towards helping you understand better who you are and what you are capable of and working towards your ultimate career goal

End Result: MBA Degree

Upon successful completion you will receive the title Master of Business Administration (MBA). In addition this program has received international (AMBA) and institutional (AACSB) accreditation.


You are no stranger to ambition. With plenty of talent and an academic or HBO degree, you will join a competitive group of like-minded peers. Flourish in an interactive environment that encourages you to go beyond the traditional boundaries of leadership.

The majority of participants have 6-10 years of experience, with varying professional backgrounds. The bulk is active in, but not limited to, general management roles, finance, consultancy and research & development. Typically, you will already work in a role which requires you to have an organizational overview, strategic insight and assessment of decisional impact.

Course Outline


The TIAS EMBA program is organized into three theme-based blocks of courses. Each block is concluded by an integration module, in which insights from previous courses are synthesized and applied to business challenges.

Block 1 - The Role of Business in a Complex World
Introducing basic foundations of business by courses such as Managerial Control and Finance. The position of business in its Supply Chain, in the Economy and in Society at large will ensure that a broader view on the role of business in the world is developed. An international module in collaboration with a partner school will enhance this broader view by understanding the challenges of businesses in emerging markets. The integration module on “Doing Business in a Complex World” concludes the first block. In this module, participants will be challenged to integrate their knowledge when analyzing business opportunities and future scenarios at the business, sector, country, and cross-country level.

Block 2 - Positioning for Long Term Sustainable Value
You will develop more advanced business knowledge to understand both the internal challenges faced by organizations and the positioning in their competitive environment. The combination of these insights enables firms to develop new business models to ensure future success. This block is concluded by the Integration Module on entrepreneurship. Equipped with their knowledge of this block, participants are challenged to develop new business ideas and develop these ideas into potential new ventures.

Block 3 - Making It Happen / Change for Impact
After having chosen future directions, how can organizations make change happen? What does it take to implement your strategy? What change approach is needed to make things real? How can diverse perspectives be managed to enable change? Insights are synthesized in the last integration module. Further impact is generated by means of the Capstone Project. 


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Successful enrollment in our Executive MBA is subject to a number of admission requirements. This is to maintain admissions quality. That way you can benefit from a high potential, motivated group of talented individuals to further enhance your learning experience.

Admisssion requirements

  • a relevant PhD or master’s degree
  • if you do not hold a PhD or master’s degree, you must take either the TIAS Capacity Test or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). 
  • based on the assessment of your academic English language skills, you may also be required to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test or the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • a minimum of 5 years work experience of which at least 3 years in a management position.

Upon receipt of your application our Program Adviser will contact you to arrange an interview.

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“The faculty are hand-picked on their topical expertise, practical experience and their ability to bring both rigor and relevance to the classroom. I am convinced that you will be inspired to work with each and every one of them!”

Academic Director

Eric Dooms
Eric Dooms
Associate Professor
Eric Dooms is Associate Professor of Strategy and Academic Director of the full-time and executive MBA programs. He obtained his PhD from Tilburg University on a study of headquarter-subsidiary relationships in large corporations. Eric taught modules on strategy at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels and has been strongly involved in...

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The TIAS Executive MBA typically caters to ambitious and talented professionals with an academic or HBO degree and an average of 13 years working experience, managing knowledge driven environments. The program can not only enrich your knowledge and skills, you are also building an extensive professional network . Thereby find our participants and alumni program valuable.
  • Jasper Hunnekens
    Sales support manager Bruynzeel Storage Systems
  • Peter de Vries
    Principal consultant PA Consulting Group
    “I wanted my MBA to impact upon my professional and personal development. As a consultant, soft skills are equally important as hard skills, because they allow me to manage complex projects with individuals from diverse backgrounds. TIAS’ PDP program with a dedicated coach helped me to leverage my strengths and to identify and improve upon my weaknesses. This has increased my confidence and credibility within my work and personal life.”

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Total program price € 44,500.
The Executive MBA course includes: 

  • All study books
  • All reading materials
  • Meals during residential sessions
  • Accommodation including breakfast for overnight session
  • Access to the Virtual Campus
  • Alumni site access where you can browse specialist webinars and must-read articles

This course is exempt from VAT.

The travel costs for the international modules are not included in the total program price. 

Persuade your employer with convincing company benefits

  • A professional within the organization capable of harnessing the latest business developments.
  • Career shaping, grow beyond your current specialist role into a managerial function
  • Learn and work, benefit personally and professionally by practically applying what you learn within your organization
  • Your company gains the latest insights and knowledge.
  • Renowned lecturers. Our faculty comprises leading experts and known scholars, who are active researchers and publish their work: TIAS School for Business and Society is a university-based educational institute.
  • Recognized business school: praised by the Financial Times as the best educational facility for Open Executive programs in The Netherlands.


A limited number of scholarships are available to candidates with an outstanding academic record. These individuals will show strong leadership qualities that will significantly enhance the diversity. To find out if you qualify for a scholarship grant, please contact the program adviser as soon as possible. For practical examples consult our flyer.

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More information about course content?

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Lenneke van Bokhoven
Lenneke van Bokhoven
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 8656

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