Participants, alumni and professors of TIAS School for Business and Society are satisfied about the educational quality. That is shown by how we ranked in the different media rankings.

Financial-Times-logoCompany Specific Programs: TIAS is ranked first business school in the Netherlands in the FT Ranking Executive Education - Customised 2017. It is the sixth consecutive year that TIAS has attained this number 1 position. TIAS scores good at aims achieved and value for money. Custom programs: #1 in the Netherlands, #29 in Europe. Open Programs: #3 in the Netherlands, #30 in Europe. (May 2017).


corporate-knights#6 worldwide for TIAS in the Corporate Knights 2017 Better World MBA ranking. This Canadian business magazine assesses business schools on three criteria: to what extent is sustainability woven into the curriculum, with which relevant organizations did the school work and the faculty's research. (October 2017)

Best Dutch business university: TIAS School for Business and Society has the best university Master and three top-quality programs in the top 10, according to the Masters 2017 Keuzegids (Study Guide) of  the Center for Information on Higher Education (C.H.O.I.).In total, nine TIAS programs are classed as 'top-quality programs': the Executive Master in Finance, the Executive Master of Finance and Control, the Executive Master of Health Administration, the Executive Master of Management and Organization, the Fulltime MSc in Business Administration, the Parttime MSc in Business Administration, the Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence, the Full-time MBA en the Master of Real Estate. (February 2016)

Financial-Times-logoExecutive MBA: The Financial Times has ranked the TIAS Executive MBA as #2 in the Netherlands and #45 in Europe. (October 2017)


Best Dutch MSc in Business Administration according to Elsevier: According to the Best Studies research done by Elsevier magazine, the TIAS Full-time International MSc in Business Administration(MScBA) has the highest score of all Dutch MSc's in Business Administration at Universities, for four consecutive years. Students especially give a high score to the professors of the master. Besides the professors, also the examination and the quality of education of this TIAS master are highly appreciated by students. The rankings of Elsevier are based on the results of the National Student Questionnaire (Nationale Studenten Enquete). About 200,000 students scored the professors, educational program and facilities of their education. (September 2017)

Best part-time MBA's in The Netherlands: The Economist’s Which MBA? Ranking for 2015
IMM Global Executive MBA is No. 1 in the Netherlands, No. 15 in Europe and No. 51 in the world. TIAS offers this program along with four other international business schools. The international character of the program is highly appreciated. 
TIAS’ Executive MBA program is No. 2 in the Netherlands, No. 20 in Europe and No. 62 in the world. The TIAS Executive MBA scores particularly well on the diversity of the participants and the quality of the faculty and the program. (Two yearly ranking - May 2015)

Financial-Times-logoEuropean business school: TIAS ranks 29th in the Financial Times list of 95 European business schools. This makes TIAS the second Dutch business school. (December 2017)

Open programs: #3 in the Netherlands and #30 in Europe. (May 2017)


TIAS is very well appraised by its own participants in the National Student Survey (NSE) 2017. 
The total score is 4.33 on a scale of 5. Of the TIAS participants, 87% indicate that they would recommend their own program to others. The participants give high scores for content, lecturers and challenging education, group size, quality care and internationalization. (May 2017)

Best Master of Management in The Netherlands according to The Economist
The TIAS Full-time MSc in Business Administration excels in creating careers opportunities. The MScBA is ranked 24th worldwide. (May 2017)