Executive Master of Real Estate MRE

Pursue this master in modules
Study load
12-15 hours / week
€ 8.500 per module
€ 31.500 master program
Aedes, NRVT and VBA

The Executive Master of Real Estate is only available in Dutch. Find out more about this Master by reading the Dutch information page.

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“Subjects like Real-Estate Management and Financial Analysis offer tools instantly usable in a practical setting. It really is work and learn. ”
Marjolein Gijselaers Portfolio manager ‘Vastgoed OntwikkelingsBedrijf Maastricht’, Maastricht.
“Because of the group work and performing under pressure and because of the combination of work, my private life and the program I have become more efficient and effective in my daily work. ”
Jordy Kleemans Head of Research & Consultancy Savills Nederland
“The MRE gave me a broader view of the future potential of existing health care property with keeping the goal of care in mind. ”
Brenda Meusen - Den Ouden Advisor healthcare & real estate RSZK Zorgprofessionals
Nicole van der Staak
Nicole van der Staak
Program Adviser