TIAS Experience: Landscapes of the future

March 14, 2019

On March 28th, TIAS School for Business and Society will host the TIAS Experience in Tilburg. During the TIAS Experience, we aspire the leaders of today and tomorrow to get acquainted with state-of-the-art knowledge on topics that have an effect on both business and society.

Get inspired by top notch sessions to look at how you or your organization can integrate the concept of creating shared value in an innovative way.

The keynote speaker is Daan Roosegaarde: an internationally renowned leader in innovation and creation. In addition, TIAS lecturers Carla Coen and Oscar David will give inspirational lectures about ‘Sustainability and Innovation’ and ‘The integrity of Power’.


Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde (1979) is a Dutch inventor, designer, artist and entrepreneur. He graduated cum laude from the Academy for Art and Industry AKI in Enschede, the Netherlands. Daan has been at the head of Studio Roosegaarde since 2007, where he creates 'landscapes of the future' alongside engineers and designers. His work is characterized by the interaction between people, technology and art. With his projects, Roosegaarde aims to connect technology and sensation. 

Daan draws inspiration from the gifts of nature to tackle global and social issues that have an impact on both society and business, such as sustainability, safety, air pollution and more. ‘By making new links, the impossible becomes possible’, according to Roosegaarde.

With iconic projects such as the Smog Free Tower (solution for the air pollution problem in large cities) and the Smart Highway (interactive and sustainable highways), Studio Roosegaarde is contributing to a better society. Technique and design are used to stimulate people to think about the future.

Creating Shared Value

With his projects, Roosegaarde creates an impact on society and contributes to solutions for the major challenges of this time. TIAS School for Business and Society operates from the same core values. At TIAS we work from the idea that economic success and social progress go hand in hand; Business and Society cannot exist without each other. Business, governments and society have the challenge to co-create solutions for today’s challenges. That is the reason why at TIAS, the concept of ‘Creating Shared Value’ is key.

Do you want to be at the TIAS Experience with Daan Roosegaarde on Thursday March, 28? Register here for one of the last places:


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