PhD candidates and TIAS faculty: Watch the video

April 6, 2017

How can you combine a part-time PhD with a full time job? What does the TIAS PhD program offer? And: why do candidates select the TIAS PhD program? The TIAS PhD program is demanding, but also very rewarding. Watch the video of current PhD candidates and TIAS faculty and find out the answers and more!

The TIAS PhD program aids candidates to develop new perspectives and approaches in a unique and innovative way. Offering the academic rigor of a traditional PhD, it is tailored to the needs of professionals and aimed at candidates who wish to pursue a research qualification which is highly relevant to the organization they work for.

Watch the video:


The PhD for executives is a four-year, part-time program, which consists of ten intensive training weeks in the Netherlands, with additional private study and guidance from your supervisor(s).

PhD for Executives

Do you want to combine working on an academic PhD dissertation with your professional career? Are you free to devote an important part of your working time to research? This PhD for Executives Program provides you with teaching, seminars, workshops and coaching which enables you to gain your PhD degree. 

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