Daan Roosegaarde: never stop asking

March 1, 2019

Artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde has been at the head of Studio Roosegaarde since 2007, where he works with designers and engineers on ‘landscapes of the future’. With well-known projects such as the ‘Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycling path’ and the ‘Smart Highway’ he makes connections that others don’t see and creates interactive designs that explore the relationship between people, technology and the environment. He does not do this alone.



Multidisciplinary thinking

Roosegaarde is a star in combining different worlds; multidisciplinary thinking runs through his veins. He not only values connecting culture, technique and knowledge, but at the same time aims to ensure that people dare to venture outside their own field of expertise and wants people to get started with each other’s way of thinking. For the realization of his projects he always knows exactly how to bring the right experts together to guarantee sustainability and quality.

Partners with guts

Studio Roosegaarde receives dozens of business leads and requests for partnerships on a daily basis. Of course, not every request is taken into consideration, a ‘no’ is sent back more than a ‘yes’. The studio is looking for partners with guts and organizations that can support the Roosegaarde brand. Studio Roosegaarde has a solid partnership with construction company Heijmans. Heijmans is an expert in the field of infrastructure and has been building ‘the contours of tomorrow’ since 1923. Together they built the ‘Smart Highway’ for the municipality of Helmond: an interactive and sustainable motorway. ‘We use light and energy that interact. The road charges during the day and gives light at night’, says Roosegaarde. 

The ‘Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycling path’ is also a product of this collaboration. The path is inspired by the painting Starry Night, the most famous work of Vincent van Gogh. ‘This cycling path is really like walking through the stars’. 

Furthermore, Studio Roosegaarde has collaborated with government agencies such as the national railways (OV-travelring), fashion labels such as Lacoste (high-tech polo shirt) and for one of the most recent projects with the ESA and NASA (Space Waste Lab - cleaning up space waste).

Never Stop Asking

According to Daan, we must never stop asking questions. By asking the right questions you eventually will reach the ‘Eureka moment’. He is therefore allergic for ‘yes, but’.

At TIAS School for Business and Society we teach from the idea that today's insights are not the solutions of tomorrow. That is why, in addition to transferring knowledge and skills, we emphasize the stimulation of a critical, curious approach. Ask other questions to know how it really works. Look for answers with an impact on organizations, business and society. Never stop asking.

March 28, 2018

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