Master of Information Management MIM

  • Master the 3 core areas of the information management cycle: strategy, implementation and operations.
  • Discover how to translate and implement business needs into competetive IT strategy.
  • Access the latest in scientific knowledge and academic thinking from industry leaders.
  • Find out what responsible leadership and good governance entails and what ethical and societal aspects of information are.

Information technology (IT) is an integral part of business today. Do you enjoy being an integrating lynchpin? Do you have the ambition to architect the future landscape of your company? The need for information managers, capably able to confidently align IT processes with an organization’s overall strategy, is growing daily.

An Executive Master in Information Management provides you with the broad perspectives and practical skills you need to lead and succeed in this dynamic new field. This program offers you the expertise to analyze, design and deploy organizational processes through strategically aligned IT processes.

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Location and start date
September 28, 2017
Duration 19 months
Study load 14-16 hours / week
Fees € 31,000
Accreditations NVAO

As the indispensible link between IT and management your decision making ability and sound strategic judgement are crucial. You are the sounding board for senior management on IT and information related issues. In today’s volatile business environment the demand for outstanding IT governance and social responsibility is hard in demand.

The Master of Information Management (MIM) program provides you with the very latest practices and state-of-the-art teaching, to further hone your skills and knowledge. The course conceptualizes the 3 vital areas of successful IT governance: managing the future (strategy), managing change (implementation) and managing the present (operations). These 3 focus areas mold you to confidently allocate and identify the decision rights, and roles & responsibilities amongst different stakeholders.

Our MIM degree is a 19 month, part-time program, comprising 11 modules and a final project.

Program Aims

The MIM program is designed to maximize your career opportunities by offering you

  • deeper knowledge of information systems and the alignment between IT and business.
  • The depth and scope of the program allows you to:
    broaden your understanding of information management
  • build your career prospects by applying what you learn to your work
  • become an expert in the analysis of management models, organizational structures, business and managment processes and communications structures
    develop skills to play a management or advisory role in the design, deployment and operation of information systems and information architecture.

Further, this English taught program provides unique international exposure through its globally recognized faculty and a study trip to Bentley University, USA.

End result: Master’s Degree

Upon successful completion you will receive the degree title Master of Information Management (MIM). As this program is an accredited NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization) degree, you may also use the internationally recognized MSc title instead.


Our Executive Master in Information Management program is aimed at managers who have an average of 9-12 years experience. You will be joining a group of highly ambitious professionals with diverse professional backgrounds. Participants typically have a university or higher vocational education (or equivalent) degree and have a position in functional, technical or general management. With an average age of 38, these busy, ambitious managers lead active personal and professional lives.

Course Outline

The Executive Master of Information Managament is presented in a 3 part framework. The central theme of IT governance runs throughout the program.

1) Managing the future: Strategy
Key to information management for the future: Understanding how corporate strategies will demand new information systems and infrastructures, then planning and integrating these new IT technologies, processes, and innovations.

2) Managing Change: Implementation
Key to deploying new information management processes: Influencing organizational behavior to drive successful change management.

3) Managing the Present: Operations
Key to present-day information management: Maintaining reliable, secure and compliant day-to-day operations that align with corporate growth strategy.

The program itself is built up out of 11 modules and a final project:

Preparation Module
Module 1 - Business Research Methods
Module 2 - Information Strategy and Management
Module 3 - Development and Trends in Business Information Systems
Module 4 - Strategic Business Architecture
Module 5 - Management of IT-Based Business Innovation
Module 6 - Business Value and IS Investments
Module 7 - Sourcing IS Services
Module 8 - International Study Trip
Module 9 - Managing Implementation and Organizational Change
Module 10 - Enterprise Governance of IT and Information Security
Module 11 - Special Topics
Final Project

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Location and start date
September 28, 2017
Duration 19 months
Study load 14-16 hours / week
Fees € 31,000
Accreditations NVAO

Successful enrollment in our Executive Master of Information Management is subject to a number of admission requirements. This is to maintain admissions quality. That way you can benefit from a high potential, motivated group of talented individuals to further enhance your learning experience.


  • minimum of 3 years relevant work experience in an information management related field
  • proficiency in English
  • a relevant university degree
  • or a relevant higher vocational degree (hbo)
  • successful completion of the required components of the preparation module.

Admisssion requirements

Upon receipt of your application our Program Adviser will contact you to arrange an interview. Your interview will take place with the Academic Director.

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The business environment is turning turbulent with business-related changes in the competitive markets and rapid developments in IT. Those changes and developments are closely related as business changes trigger new applications of IT and changes in IT. Like the cloud, lightweight mobile platforms and business analytics impact business models and processes. Close collaboration between business and IT professionals is needed to maneuver the company skillfully under these circumstances. However, organizations in Western Europe face a lack of professionals with the right set of skills and abilities to bridge the often separated worlds of IT and Business. The TIAS Executive Master of Information Management program aims to fill this gap and educate and train professionals to support their organizations in taking the right IT decisions and achieve personal success doing so.


Piet Ribbers
Piet Ribbers
Professor Emeritus
Professor Piet Ribbers graduated cum laude in 1971 as an economist from Tilburg University. In 1980, he received his PhD with the thesis, "Organization and Planning of the Purchasing Function in an Industrial Enterprise" (cum laude).Professor Ribbers began his scientific career as assistant professor at the Limburg School of Economics in Hasselt,...

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The Executive Master of Information Management (MIM) provides you the latest theories, techniques and skills. You also obtain an extensive professional network. Therefore participants and alumni believe the program has been of great value.

  • Eric Dumont
    Manager Customer Success EMEA Global F100 Software Company

    "I enrolled in MIM to gain perspective on the state and future of Information Management and to enrich my understanding of developments in Information Research and practices. MIMprovided me with analytical tools to better analyze, understandand engage with customers in the ever-changing Information management landscape. The most interesting aspects for me were the insights into academic research in the area of Information Management and their practical applications as well as the opportunity to learn from experienced peers and a diverse faculty of academics and practitioners."

  • Johan de Zoete
    Information Manager Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

    "The Executive Master of Information Management (MIM) exceeded my expectations. The quality of the program and the topics we worked on have given me a new perspective on information management. The combination of theory and practice as well as working in groups makes the program to fit directly in the daily work environment.
    Apart from the knowledge about information management offers this program even more. For example, the module Business Research Methods I use methodically in my work to the appropriate research methods to be employed. This improves the quality of my work. The program is intensive, but due to the relatively short duration the program is to combine well with your personal life."

  • Kim Schoen
    Manager PwC Advisory

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Total program price € 31,000.

The MIM course includes:

  • A compulsory study trip
  • All study books
  • All reading materials
  • Access to the Virtual Campus
  • Alumni site access where you can browse specialist webinars and must-read articles

This course is exempt from VAT.

Additional costs:

  • Travel and accommodation costs (hotels and diners) during the study trip
  • dinners
  • If applicable: costs for the preparation module.

Persuade your employer with convincing company benefits

  • A professional within the organization capable of harnessing the latest developments in information technology.
  • Master the 3 core areas of the information management cycle: strategy, implementation and operations.
  • Translate and implement business needs into competetive IT strategy.
  • Immediate profit from papers you will write on actual topics within your organization.
  • Your company gains the latest insights and knowledge.
  • TIAS School of Business and Society is a university-based educational institute. Our faculty comprises leading experts and known scholars, who are active researchers and publish their work.
  • Thesis assistance from seasoned tutors. Active collaboration on solutions for company specific models and situations.
  • Recognized business school: praised by the Financial Times as the best educational facility for Open Executive programs in The Netherlands.

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Anne Jochems
Anne Jochems
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 3939

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