'Full-Time MScBA was a good mix academically, socially and internationally'

March 23, 2015

The international scope of TIAS’ Full-Time MScBA was an important reason for Dave Noorlander’s choice when it came to his master’s degree. That international experience now helps him in his job as a business development manager at PostNL International.

Name:Dave Noorlander (28)
Works as a business development manager at PostNL International
Graduated cum laude in 2011 from the Full-time MScBA

"During my interim job after my internship at Heineken, I found that if I wanted continue with this work for the rest of my career, I would need a master’s degree. When I studied Commercial Economics at an institute of Higher Vocational Education (Dutch HBO degree) I did an internship at Heineken, following which I was able to carry out my internship plan. However, I didn’t want a permanent contract, as I wanted to give myself some incentive to start my master’s degree and not remain in the working world. I chose TIAS’ Full-Time MScBA. I found the content of the program interesting, especially considering the international component. I chose a reputable business school because at Heineken I had noticed the impact that this has on your resume. Additionally, the degree takes only one year to complete, as opposed to the more common two-year programs. I also knew that I would be able to pay off the degree after one year of employment."

Very Ambitious People

Did TIAS live up to your expectations?
“Yes. I also expected – given the strict selection process and the fact that you’re dealing with very ambitious people – that there would be a hostile atmosphere among students. But that was certainly not the case. The atmosphere is pleasant. It was a good mix: international, social, and academically stimulating."

How was it to apply for jobs after your TIAS master’s degree?
"About six months after the completion of my degree I was able to start at PostNL. It took a while, but partly because I was very picky. In the beginning I had a lot of contact with Jelda, TIAS’ career consultant. She gave me advice on how I should present my resume and LinkedIn profile. I could have accepted a job before I actually did, but I had specific wishes in terms of the type of job and company I was seeking. I wanted a large national company with a pleasant working atmosphere where there was also room to develop. I eventually found that at PostNL."

Solving Practical Problems

How does your experience at TIAS help you in your job?
“When I have to solve practical problems and research new market opportunities, I notice that I have more experience than others who have completed a master’s degree at a regular university. At TIAS we had to analyze and present an enormous number of cases, sometimes up to 10 in one week. You should, of course, be able to analyze a problem, but its practical implications and how an organization must deal with it are more important. 
Another big difference between the MScBA with a marketing specialization and a master’s degree in marketing is that the MScBA provides many different subjects with a focus on marketing. I am therefore a generalist with, in addition to marketing knowledge, a knowledge of, for example, business economics or organization science. I work closely with a marketer, she develops the content of the plans. Because I am broadly educated, I know enough to connect different disciplines. And that is important in my role as a project manager."

International Stage

"In January, I moved over to PostNL’s international branch. I work on an international stage, just like at TIAS. There, you worked together with many nationalities in study groups. I gained so much experience by working with different people with different interests and cultures, and have learned to keep an open mind. 
Incidentally, this collaborative experience not only helps me in this international job, but also helped in my previous position where I often had to work with different departments and people with opposing interests. 
In that position I was project manager of one of the largest commercial projects at PostNL. Many political interests played a role in this project and I had to deal with many different stakeholders. We eventually managed to complete the project together by keeping people united in a good atmosphere. This project is a showpiece within the organization. And because of my contribution, it is also a showpiece for myself. My experience at TIAS certainly contributed to this."

Do you also aspire to an international career?  TIAS’ Full-Time MScBA fits your international ambitions.  

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