Inspiration lecture Master of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Get acquainted with TIAS during our Information evening about our programs. Meet the Academic Director, Program Adviser and alumni.

Details and Program

6.00 PM   Welcome with sandwichbuffet
6.30 PM   Introduction TIAS 
6.45 PM   Inspiration session Dr. Freek Aertsen
7.30 PM   Information session Master of Operations and Supply Chain Management
8.30 PM   Drinks 

Inspiration lecture

'Forecasting and demand planning'
Dr. Freek Aertsen

Forecasting and demand planning are an important part of any business process, and are regarded by practitioners and academics as key to efficient and effective supply chain management. With the rise of new data sources a new era has arrived. Besides traditional Sell In and Point of Sales data, consumers use social media, like Twitter and Facebook, and review sites to share their experiences with products and services. Likewise, consumers search for products on Google before the actual purchase (the zero moment of truth). All this data potentially has predictive power. There is a lot of talk about using big data, but little evidence. In the trial lecture we discuss best practices in applying (big) data in the demand management process answering questions like:

• How to assure that decisions in the S&OP process are really data driven?
• What data sources can be used to improve the quality of my forecast?
• What capabilities do I need in my organization?
• How will all this data influence my processes?
• How to react fast to market deviations using social media information?

Date and location

November 21, 2017 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Tilburg Warandelaan 2, Tias Building 5037 AB Tilburg Netherlands Directions
Chantal Stevels
Chantal Stevels
Program Adviser
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