Dr. Egge van der Poel

Dr. Egge van der Poel

Freelance Data Scientist


Egge van der Poel is a Data Scientist working part-time at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and part-time as freelancer. His analyses as a Clinical Data Scientist at the Erasmus MC focus on measuring and improving the quality of care. For this Big Data is instrumental, but interaction with medical professionals is as well. Therefore a position within the largest academic hospital seems a perfect place for his endeavours.

As a freelancer he is involved in various projects and spends quite some time giving presentations and lectures.


Eggeobtained his PhD in High-Energy Physics doing research at CERN. His thesis describes the performance of the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer and a first analysis towards the search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson. His name is listed among the authors of the eventual Higgs discovery paper.


After his PhD the spent one year as a clinical physicist at the Erasmus MC after moving on to work as a Big Data consultant at KPMG. After 2,5 years at KPMG and working on various groundbreaking projects he moved back to Erasmus MC as a Clinical Data Scientist.

His courses are about a general introduction to the concept of Big Data, providing some real-life examples and trying to make it as tangible as possible.