Alumni Advantages

At TIAS we believe in providing Life Long Development, supporting our participants in their personal, professional and network development during and after their studies. As TIAS alumnus, you have the following advantages:

Alumni platform
Would you like to contact your co-participants or broaden your network? Visit the alumni platform, here you can find all information on the alumni activities and services, and a career portal where alumni can post and/or search for job vacancies.
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Alumni Membership 
For personal and professional development TIAS offers special services in an Alumni Membership Package, which includes access to on-line modules, a (career) coaching session, personal development workshops, a personal leadership session and a management game.
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Lifelong learning
TIAS offers alumni various possibilities to stay up to date. A TIAS alumnus receives a 10 percent discount on the TIAS open programs. And a free Master class if they introduce a new participant in a TIAS Master, MBA or PhD program. If a TIAS alumnus brings in a new participant for a Master class they receive a one-year alumni membership for free.

Alumni Network Groups and International Chapters
TIAS Alumni Network Groups bring together alumni with the same interests or from the same area of expertise. A network group regularly organizes meetings to exchange knowledge. We also organize activities abroad via International Chapters, in Germany, Taiwan, China, Africa, Colombia and Turkey. In some countries, TIAS organizes these activities together with Tilburg University.  With ambassadors around the globe good networking opportunities are created for TIAS alumni.

José Eijkemans
José Eijkemans
Alumni Manager
+31 13 466 86 42
  • Jan 1
    Alumni Membership Package
    More advantages: the TIAS Alumni Membership Package

    Alumni network
    Join the TIAS Alumni Network for networking, sharing of experience, and gaining new insights from alumni and other members of the TIAS community. The alumni network gives you the possibility to participate in network meetings, reunions, live webcasts and access to free literature on the knowledge platforms. Please feel free to meet your peers or business partners at TIAS.
    Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
    Location: Tilburg