Information evening TIAS programs

Get acquainted with TIAS during our Information evening about our programs. Meet the Academic Director, Program Adviser and alumni.

Details and Program

The TIAS information evening is the perfect opportunity to experience what it is like to be a participant on a TIAS program. Get inspired by attending a lecture and get all your questions about the program answered during the information session.

Inspiration session

During this session, one of our professors or business professionals will give an inspiring lecture on a current issue within the field of expertise. A great opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a participant on a TIAS program.
Information session
Ask all of your specific questions to the TIAS team consisting of the Academic Director, Program Adviser, Program Manager and alumnus. The Academic Director, who created the program, can tell you all about the content of the program.


6.00 PM Welcome with sandwich buffet
6.30 PM Introduction TIAS
6.45 PM Inspiration session Prof.dr. Ron Meyer
7.30 PM Information session per program
08.30 PM Drinks 

Inspiration Session (English)

‘Leadership Agility’ Prof.dr. Ron Meyer
Not only organizations and strategies need to be agile, but so do leaders – they need to be able to flexibly switch between leadership styles depending on the specific circumstances, as well adaptively learn need leadership behaviors, all the time responding to the situation as it unfolds. But do you know the leadership styles that you favor and do you have a repertoire of leadership styles that you can tap into? In this inspiration session we will explore what leaders need to do to become truly agile, on the basis of Meyer’s upcoming book on this topic. 

Orientation Talk
If you’re not sure yet which program would be the best choice for you, we are more than happy to sit down with you to find out which program suits your personal and career goals. It is possible to schedule a meeting just before or during the information evening. Please contact the program Adviser in advance of the information evening to schedule the meeting.

Date and location

April 11, 2017 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tilburg Warandelaan 2, Tias Building 5037 AB Tilburg Netherlands Directions
Sandy van der Smissen
Sandy van der Smissen
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 39 56