Dr.ing. Tim de Leeuw

Dr.ing. Tim de Leeuw

Associate Professor
Expertisegebieden: Context (Sociology, Technology), Family Business (Strategy and Innovation), Finance (Venture Capital), Information Technology (Data Center Management), Management & Organisation (Innovation Management, Research and Development), Quantitative Methods (Business Research Methods, Statistics), Strategy & Innovation (Entrepreneurship, Process Innovation, Product Innovation, Strategic Innovation)


Tim is a tenured Associate Professor and is member of the management team at TIAS School for Business and Society at the Tilburg University. He is the chairman of the board of examiners of TIAS. Moreover, Tim is developing courses, and lecturing on research methods, academic writing, publishing, survey development, multi-variate analyses etc. Furthermore, Tim is supervising multiple PhD candidates, and has developed a system to monitor the progress of external PhD candidates.

His research interests include intra- and inter-organizational relations (e.g., strategic alliances, corporate venturing, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions), organizational performance, open innovation, corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and big data. His work has, amongst others, been published in Research Policy, the Journal of Cleaner Production, the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, and the Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (see Publications for an overview of recent work). Tim was also an Associate Editor, Journal of Cleaner Production, special issue “Innovative Products and Services for Sustainable Societal Development”, mainly theme 6: “Open innovation and collaboration for sustainable societal development”.

Previously he worked as a senior scientific researcher on a project funded by the national science foundation (NWO-TOP). The project aims to identify success factors of entrepreneurship and is called: “High Performance in the Networked Creative Industry: The role of ambition and collaboration.” at Tilburg University, in the School of Economics and Management.

Tim obtained his PhD from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences with this dissertation: Collaboration and You: The Performance Implications and the Antecedents of Diversity in Inter-Organizational Relations Portfolios. My dissertation can be downloaded here: Collaboration and You. A managerial summery can be found here. For more info on Tim, see www.tdeleeuw.com

Before this he graduated summa cum laude and top of his class in the Organization Science master’s program at Tilburg University’s Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Tim obtained his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering (including an additional honours program of 48 ECTS in applied psychology and academic skills) from Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Tim has sat on several student councils, of which his two-year role as chairman of the Fontys University student council was one of the highlights. He has also participated in many part-time projects at various organizations.