Mw.dr. Marianne van Woerkom

Mw.dr. Marianne van Woerkom

Assistant Professor


Dr. Marianne Van Woerkom is Assistant Professor, Human Resource Development, Department of Human Resource Studies, at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. In 2003 she earned her Ph.D. degree from Twente University, the Netherlands. She received the Dissertation of the year award from the Dutch and Flemish Society of Education Research (VOR/VFO) and was finalist for the Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the year award from the Academy of Human Resource Development. In 2003 she earned a research grant for the project "The learning potential of the workplace?" from the Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO). She is member of the editorial board of Human Resource Development Review and reviewer for Human Resource Development International, Personnel Review, Journal of Organizational and Occupational Psychology, and Vocations and Learning. She publishes in journals like European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Personnel Review, Journal of Business and Psychology, Journal of Managerial Psychology and Adult Education Quarterly.


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