Prof.dr. Jalal Ashayeri

Prof.dr. Jalal Ashayeri

Full Professor
Expertisegebieden: Health & Education (Health Care Management), Management & Organisation (Business Intelligence, Change Management, Decision Making, Knowledge Management, Logistics Management, Operations Management, Performance Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Research and Development, Risk Management, Service Management, Supply Chain Management), Operations (Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Transport), Quantitative Methods (Business Research Methods, Operations Research), Strategy & Innovation (Process Innovation, Product Innovation, Strategic Decision Making, Strategy of Logistics, Sustainable Development)




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  • Ranjbar, Y., Sahebi, H., Ashayeri, J., & Teymouri, A. (2020). A competitive dual recycling channel in a three-level closed loop supply chain under different power structures: Pricing and collecting decisions. Journal of Cleaner Production272(1).
  • Samouei, P., & Ashayeri, J. (2019). Developing optimization & robust models for a mixed-model assembly line balancing problem with semi-automated operations. Applied Mathematical Modelling72, 259-275.

  • Samouei, P., Fattahi, P., Ashayeri, J., & Ghazinoory, S. (2016). Bottleneck easing-based assignment of work and product mixture determination: fuzzy assembly line balancing approach. Applied Mathematical Modelling40(7-8), 4323-4340.