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By Freek Aertsen | November 26, 2013 | 1 min read

Alumni of the Executive Master of Supply Chain and Operations Excellence (MOS) of TIAS School for Business and Society receive more responsibilities, an increased status, being able to meet the expectations, being more open to innovation and new ideas and autonomous task execution. These are the results of a study to quantify the impact of the Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence on student’s professional growth, the contribution to the organization and their social responsibility.

With respect to professional growth the program has the greatest effect on the responsibilities that alumni have at work, the status they receive at their organization and on being able to meet the company’s expectations about their performance. The last element can also be seen as a benefit to the organization. By performing the tasks in a better way the alumni do not only improve on a personal level but also contribute to the company performance. Alumni’s compensation was somewhat influenced by the MOS, though the MOS has a moderate effect on salary and had no effect on the bonus alumni receive.

The impact of the program was the greatest on alumni’s contribution to their organization. 71,7% of the respondents indicated that the program had a positive effect on them being more open to innovation and trying out new ideas at work. Furthermore the alumni are more able to act independently of their superior, being more autonomous in executing the assigned task. Remarkably the program had the least effect on the organizational commitment of alumni.

“Through this extensive program, I indisputably benefit of my extended knowledge in my daily work, resulting in added value to my work environment, while my career opportunities have improved as well,” says alumnus Tjeerd den Os, Strategic Supply Chain Planner of Heineken Nederland Supply.

A total of 106 alumni filled out a structured questionnaire, indicating a response rate of 33,5%. Overall the conclusion is drawn that the concluding the program had no effect on participants social responsibility and a moderate effect on the student’s professional growth and contribution to the organization.

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