Sponsors of GovernanceLAB
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Rabobank is currently the largest sponsor of the GovernanceLAB of TIAS School for Business and Society. In the coming years the GovernanceLAB will be involved in monitoring  a new implementation model for Rabobank's governance structure.
Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles and is based in the Netherlands. Rabobank is active in the fields of banking, wholesale banking, asset management, leasing, and real estate services. Our focus is on all-finance services in the Netherlands and on food & agribusiness internationally.


Van Spaendonck

Van Spaendonck has long been a sponsor of the GovernanceLAB and since February 1, 2015, the organization also funds the Innovative Cooperation chair. This chair is held by Prof. Dr. Ferry Koster and focuses on collaboration within and across industries, sectors, and occupations, and the importance of this collaboration for entrepreneurship and effective governance. Within the ICOON knowledge center, these topics are studied on the basis of various substudies, including two Ph.D. research projects and three substudies on innovations in the care industry, staffing, and services.
Van Spaendonck Group operates as a cooperative composed of various organizations, all focused on partnerships of entrepreneurs and on service providers that support entrepreneurs, such as branches and accountancy firms.

BMC Advies

BMC Advies sponsors the Multilevel Governance of Educational Organizations chair. This chair is held by Prof. Dr. Edith Hooge and is about good governance in relation to the quality of education and public value creation, (horizontal) accountability, internal control, and social entrepreneurship. 
BMC Advies is a renowned consultancy for the public sector in the areas of government, education, care, and housing associations.


Consortium: Enexis/Essent/Gasunie

A consortium of three companies, namely Enexis, Essent, and Gasunie, sponsors the TIAS chair of Corporate Governance of (former) Public Service Corporations, which is held by Prof. Dr. Ir. Michiel Boersma. Enexis is a distribution system operator of gas and electricity in the northern, eastern and southern Netherlands. Essent is an energy company that supplies gas, electricity, and other energy products to 2.5 million private homes and businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. Gasunie is a European gas infrastructure company. It transports natural gas and green gas in the Netherlands and northern Germany.


GovernanceLABVanderKruijsVander Kruijs sponsors the TIAS chair of Leadership in Social Enterprises, which is held by Prof. Dr. Theo Camps. Within this chair, doctoral research is also carried out by Drs. Morris Oosterling. His research focuses on the recruitment and selection of executives/directors within these organizations.
Vander Kruijs is an agency specializing in search and selection for the top levels of management in private public-sector enterprises, such as hospitals, care institutions and insurance companies, universities, colleges, regional training centers, housing associations, arts and culture organizations, charities, water and energy companies, public transport companies, interest groups, and enterprises with a cooperative structure.


Foundation for Social Venturing & Cooperative Entrepreneurship

The Foundation for Social Venturing & Cooperative Entrepreneurship sponsors the TIAS chair of the same name, which is held by Prof. Dr. Gert van Dijk. The Foundation is currently funded by the Noaber Foundation, De Hoge Dennen, and PGGM. The Noaber Foundation supports initiatives which bring about sustainable transformations in society, for example, in the areas of health and innovation. De Hoge Dennen is the investment company of the family of entrepreneurs De Rijcke. PGGM is a cooperative pension fund service provider, founded by social partners in the care and welfare industries. 


Andersson Elffers Felix (AEF)

GovernanceLABAnderssonAEF sponsors GovernanceLAB and AEF's senior management consultant Dr. Pieterjan van Delden is attached to the LAB as a Research Fellow. His work focuses on issues of public-private partnerships and networks. AEF is a consultancy for social issues. AEF supports governments, public and private organizations in strategic innovations through consulting, research, and support.


RWS is a housing association in Bevelanden (municipalities of Goes, Kapelle, and North Beveland) and sponsors TIAS' GovernanceLAB. Managing Director Maarten Sas has also contributed his substantive expertise to several research projects of the GovernanceLAB in the area of social housing. 


Tilburg Education Group (Onderwijsgroep Tilburg)

GovernanceLABOndewijsgroepTilburg Education Group provides courses at various schools and institutions in the Tilburg region. Tilburg Regional Training Center consists of sixteen schools for secondary vocational education, one school for VAVO (adult education), one School of Education and Integration, and business-oriented training courses. Tilburg Education Group also includes several VMBO schools. Tilburg Education Group has several partners in the region, including TIAS' GovernanceLAB. The Education Group sponsors GovernanceLAB.


GovernanceLABPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia is a national care facility for people with intellectual disabilities. Philadelphia is a foundation consisting of approximately 600 small sites. It focuses on three areas, namely Care & Housing, Intensive Care, and Work & Supervision.