TIAS – CUFE Executive PhD in Finance

  • a collaboration between TIAS and the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing, China
  • a unique exchange of knowledge between TIAS and China’s future financial leaders 
  • the first Executive PhD in Finance accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education

TIAS’ drive for international collaboration takes a next step with the Executive PhD in Finance: a four-year program that bundles the best of what both TIAS and CUFE have to offer in terms of know-how, educational excellence and academic rigour.

Developed for Chinese professionals in the early stages of their career, the part-time program spans four years and aims to deepen the participants’ financial knowledge base and develop their academic skills.

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The early, optimistic predictions that the internet would eliminate barriers obstructing the free and fast exchange of goods and ideas have only partly come true. As of now, plenty of barriers – both physical and cultural - remain. TIAS and the Chinese Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) are therefore all the more pleased to bring their joint Executive PhD in Finance program.

Learning objectives

After completion of the program, participants will

  • have a deeper understanding of theory and practice in the finance sector
  • be able to formulate theoretical theses
  • be able to conduct academic research
  • be able to write and defend academic papers

Program lay-out

The Executive PhD in Finance is a part-time program, spanning four years and can be combined with a job. During the first year participants spend one week per month on the CUFE campus in Beijing. This year focuses on theoretical knowledge, specifically on the subjects:

  • Financial management
  • Investments
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Advanced finance & economics theory

After the first year, the participants will spend three years  individually developing their academic skills and writing their dissertations under close guidance of their mentors and professors.

The program concludes when the participants come to the TIAS campus in Tilburg to defend their dissertations and receive their doctorate diploma.

Participant profile

The course aims specifically at Chinese finance professionals with three to five years of work experience, looking to develop their knowledge, their academic skillset and ultimately their careers.

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More information about course content?

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Ting Jiang
Ting Jiang
Program Manager
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