Customized TIAS In-company Training Programs


What if we can co-create a powerful learning experience?

Tomorrow's changes demand a fundamental, strategic change in companies, government authorities, institutions and society. New ways of value creation are replacing old certainties. In order to continue to be relevant for customers, flexible organizations are needed that are continuously looking for new knowledge. At this pivotal point, strategy, leadership and organizational problems come together. It is essential to constantly learn as an individual, as a team and as an organization. 

  • Are you poised between innovation and operational excellence?
  • Is your organization ready for an ever changing world?
  • How do you engage your people in the change process and what does that demand of your style of leadership?
  • How does your organization deal with the increasing complexity of the playing field?

TIAS In-company Training ensures that your organization is and remains relevant for your markets, customers and other stakeholders. We map your ambitions in co-creation sessions, we design unique custom programs and we translate these into workable knowledge and change programs with an impact on business & society.

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TIAS In-company Custom Programs

For the sixth year in succession, the Financial Times has voted the TIAS customized programs as the very best in the Netherlands. And not without reason. TIAS can develop a custom program for your company too. TIAS takes care of everything during the entire process.

Once you have lodged your concrete training request with TIAS, you will be invited for an intake interview with Petra Mouthaan, Corporate Relations manager. Together, you will define what best suits your development needs. She will subsequently couple you with a suitable learning and development consultant. This expert will be your point of contact and will support you during the entire process.

The learning and development consultant will involve your organization and participants in each relevant aspect of the development and execution of the program. This means that he or she will take the time to get to know you properly and to fathom the needs and challenges of the organization and target group. The learning and development consultant will incorporate cases from the organization and guest speakers into the program and will use challenging teaching methods which will make a significant contribution to the impact. Permanent dialog with participants, experts, stakeholders and the program steering committee is of importance for continuously focusing the program.

Together with the learning and development consultant, you will go through the following steps:



















Our co-creation approach  'At TIAS we design with the end in mind'

At TIAS, we believe that the real impact for the individual and the organization can only be achieved by connecting with your organization's ambitions and with the daily practice and challenges of the participants. The learning and development consultant will investigate your development need from a critical and inquisitive angle. If required, we will facilitate co-creation boardroom sessions with one of our experts from the lecturing staff.

Illustration: The analysis of your ambitions from an 'outside-in' approach 








Our teaching methods

Learning and development is a process that leads to movement and concrete behavioral change. Experience shows that 70% of learning takes place in daily activities, 20% of learning is through informal social interactions and 10% of learning is from learning and development programs.

Thus we achieve our impact through the use of a mixture of teaching methods. We work for instance on:

  • A broad exploration of current and academic insights
  • Deepening through the handling of real life cases, dilemmas and experiential learning by means of game-based activities such as the Virtual Lab.
  • Anchoring in order to answer the question: what are we going to do with this? Or in other words: set up and execute the strategic agenda.

In-company training is intended for groups from 12 people.

What makes TIAS In-company Training unique?

The five reasons to select TIAS In-company Training:

  1. Our personal attention for realizing your strategic ambitions with the best custom program. Customer valuation: for six years in succession now, FT's number one in custom in-company training programs
  2. Our new learning and teaching methods (blended learning, the virtual reality leadership game in the Tilburg University LAB)
  3. Our international platform and network. For open and custom programs, we work together with leading international institutions and faculties worldwide (Berkeley, Harvard, Cambridge, Insead). TIAS has branches in Tilburg, Utrecht, Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei.
  4. Our passionate academic faculty with practical experience. The newest academic insights from applied research TIAS Labs are used for In-company Training programs
  5. Our business & society footprint in programs. At TIAS School for Business & Society we work from the principle that economic success and societal progress go hand in hand.

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The In-company Team

Together with an involved team of lecturers, facilitators and learning & development consultants, we develop In-company Training programs that connect seamlessly with our customers’ practical challenges.

Name: Miranda Bol
Position: Company Specific Programs Director

From my experience with and a passion for management development problems, I contribute to the development of our customers’ organization. I start with a blank page when defining the right direction. I first want to obtain a proper picture of where the organization stands in relation to the strategic vision. On that basis, we work together on a custom program that will produce the required impact. It is thrilling to see how successful we are in supporting our customers in making their ambition come true. It is awarding work, and it makes my heart beat faster.

Name: Petra Mouthaan
Position: Senior Manager Corporate Relations

Developing an In-company program for strategy, organization, transformation and leadership requests is an adventure. With my outside-in perspective, I think primarily in opportunities and I will join you in the search for the best solution for your problem. Those solutions can be very varied: from initiating applied academic research at one of our LABs, to organizing a co-creation session in order to map out your ambitions or for instance the development of an In-company custom training program. Learning is a continuous and exciting process, in which, together with you, I take care of the right balance between thinking and doing.

Name: Aart Goud
Position: Senior Consultant Learning & Development

Increasing your organization's clout by strengthening its leadership: this is the challenge that makes the development of custom programs so exceptionally fascinating. Mapping a program's goal. Translating your proposed transformation, transition or organization development into a concrete program. A program rich in interventions, which challenges your staff to take that one step that is needed to achieve the goal.

Name: Nanna Kies
Position: Senior Consultant Learning & Development

I am driven by a passionate desire to help individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. My expertise is in translating strategic business needs and individual development needs into learning interventions that support organizational and personal transformation. Each intervention is innovative in its design and in its approach. Each intervention aims at high impact for the individual, the team and the organization.

Name: Marjolijn IJsseldijk

Position: Senior Consultant Learning & Development

In my role I am responsible for designing and rolling out custom training programs. I find it interesting to work for the most varied of organizations on the most diverse of programs as possible with the greatest diversity of teaching methods. The result is always the central theme! Together with you, I look for answers to among other things the following questions: What do you want to achieve with the training program? How does the training program contribute to the organization's objectives? And how can your staff play a role therein? What behavior is effective herein? In short: a joint adventure!

Name: Marieke de Wit
Position: Learning & Development Consultant

Inquisitiveness and a passion for social issues are my motivations in enabling you to make the difference. As an organization theorist with a consultancy background, I am both connector and producer in the design and execution of custom programs. My starting point herein: the right insights and experiences at the right moments. With as objective a learning process that provides maximum yield and realizes change.

Name: Iris Musters

Position: Learning & Development Consultant

I design, coordinate and facilitate executive training programs in the field of personal and organizational leadership requests. My programs vary from functional workshops to (modular) training programs for both young professionals and senior managers. As a L&D consultant, I fulfill the pivotal role between the customer, participants and the TIAS faculty. I think it is a challenge to discover, together with you, what your needs and requirements are and to develop a suitable program that connects, fascinates and challenges. 

Name: Karen Bauer
Position: Learning & Development Consultant

Jointly setting up your learning solution is the best thing there is! During discussions and inspiration sessions, I am developing a customized learning pathway for you. This can consist of various different interventions. I have knowledge about online learning, such as e-learning, online academies and virtual reality. This often fits well in a learning program. I thoroughly enjoy it when the design has an impact on the target group and if the participants become enthusiastic.


Program Managers

The Program Manager makes sure your Company Specific Program runs smooth. She is your contact person and thinks in solutions. As a result, participants can fully focus on the process of learning and don’t need to worry about practical matters.  

 eveline Name: Eveline van der Vooren
Position: Program Manager
 harriet Name: Harriët Hendrikx

PositionProgram Manager

 karlijn Name: Karlijn Lips

PositionProgram Manager

 marieke-b Name: Marieke Boudewijns

PositionProgram Manager


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Program: Rabo Management Program

Context: The provision of services in the banking sector is rapidly becoming more virtual. Personal customer contact moments are becoming more scarce and therefore increasingly more decisive. The employee makes the difference in this context.

Target group: Rabobank managers (intermediate level)

Impact: The objective of the Rabo Management Program is the personal development of managers and to take the bank as a whole a step forwards. The program provides an insight into the most significant Rabobank strategic topics and improves leadership competences.



Program: (International) Finance business partner program

Context: The world around us is rapidly changing including financial laws and regulations. This program is designed as a tool to bring new financial insights within the organization. Moreover, finance roles are increasingly requiring a wider range of skills beyond the foundation of professionally qualified and technically competent members. With this program business partner skills are further developed.

Target group: International finance professionals

Impact: Make the transition from finance professional to become finance business partner.



Program: BDO Consulting Academy

Context: Market developments demand a new vision on the adviser's role.

Target group: Partners, advisers and young professionals within various disciplines at BDO

Impact: to obtain new knowledge of different topics, to obtain an insight in concepts and models and to work on skills and behavioral changes.



Program: Leadership & Transformation Journey

Context: The Radboud UMC's mission is to offer innovative, sustainable and affordable care and it has the ambition to employ this for a significant impact on health care.

Target group: Managers and department heads

Impact: The program is designed like a journey and supports managers at the Radboud UMC. This enables them to develop a vision and method from their multidisciplinary perspectives for issues that demand an integral approach.



Program: High Performing Business Partner 

Context: Digital transformation and Innovation are high on the Randstad strategic agenda. Randstad’s ambition is to continue to excel in its existing businesses (exploitation) and to transform itself into an organization where the concept of Tech & Touch (technology with the human factor) is truly integrated (exploration). 

Target Group: Mid to senior level functional experts in the field of Finance, Marketing, Legal, IT and HR

Impact: The program aims to support and accelerate Randstad’s transformation by developing functional experts into high performing business partners.


KvK (Chamber of Commerce)

Program: TopTalent

Context: The Chamber of Commerce has as mission statement: ‘Making life for entrepreneurs easier with useful information.’ The CofC would like to realize this vision together with the staff. In the TopTalent program, we strengthen the development and innovative power of a group of CofC staff enabling them to give the vision more substance in daily practice.

Target group: Chamber of Commerce staff

Impact: The staff members increase the user base for the strategy, they implement the strategy with more clout and through their personal development, passion and engagement, they are able to exert a greater influence inside and outside the own organization resulting in more reach, higher valuation and more turnover.


Aedes / MKW

Program: Corporate Manager Course New Style

Context: The real estate sector is changing fast. For housing cooperatives, this means that the roles and responsibilities of both directors and supervisors will come under close scrutiny and that the performance quality of these roles is of great importance.

Target group: Members of the Aedes/MKW platform (Aedes/MKW managers, the MT or directors of housing cooperatives).

Impact: A course combining knowledge and personal development. In this way, the course intends to support the transition of management ‘under fire’ (parliamentary inquiry) to leadership with (much more) eye for the own, internal organization and external, societal stakeholders.



Program: Fit for the future

Context: The world of finance is undergoing profound changes. Disruptive innovations as blockchain and new entrants are posing a serious threat to long standing financial institutions and their business models. Service providers to these institutions such as Allevo need to consider their strategy in order to survive and generate new business.

Target group: Allevo management and senior employees.

Impact: The program revolves around strategy development. It provides senior managers and employees with a solid understanding of a comprehensive strategy framework. By applying these concepts to their own ‘company case’, they work towards a new viable company strategy.



Program: International Executive Development Program

Target group: Business- and group managers (worldwide)

Context: In a world of disruptive technologies, fluctuating economies, reforming governments, climate change, transforming customer preferences and dynamic competition, it is not a question of whether an organization should change, but when, where, how and in what direction they must change. A senior leader with RoyalHaskoningDHV should have the responsibility and ability to take the lead in this transformation journey, to define the rules of the game, role model new behavior and secure the success of Royal HaskoningDHV, now and in the future.

Impact: The program is designed to contribute to making a step change in responsibility for strategic change, organizational leadership and strategic renewal.



Program: SHV Prelude Leadership Program (international)

Context: A leadership program for talented young professionals at SHV worldwide (Both SHV Holdings as well as from the holdings Makro, SHV Energy, Nutreco, Mammoet, ERIKS, NPM Capital and Dyas).

Target group: Young top talent SHV groups

Impact: The development of introspection, leadership competences and coaching skills for a future senior position within SHV. The development of a network within the different countries and holdings of SHV.


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TIAS Experience 

In the TIAS experience we create an open atmosphere for learning and networking. TIAS Experience is an open platform at which our professors work together with participants and organizations. We share our academic knowledge through our research, open- and incompany programs. Participants and guests will add value by sharing their insights and experiences.

Please watch the video about the TIAS Experience ‘Create A Game Changing Product’:

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Petra Mouthaan
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